Wednesday, 23 May 2018

W9WTW 468

Hi everyone and welcome to WOYWWs 9th Anniversary.
I'm afraid I still haven't managed to get anywhere near anything resembling craft,  so I have no ATCs to swap, which is rather frustrating,  because I had such great plans.
However, this was what Mr D  and I tackled yesterday,

And this is what it looked like at the end of the day.
So we are making progress but there is still a long way to go, and once again, as we still don't have a phone line and broadband,  I cannot promise to get back to you, if you visit, but I do appreciate your lovely comments.
If you are wondering why I am blathering on about my Worktop on Wednesday, especially as mine is non-existence, please visit, Julia, the desk Deva at The Stamping Ground , where everything wiĺ be made clear, and you will find links to real crafty desks.
Meantime Deskers, have a wonderful WOYWW anniversary, and I'll go back to clearing grass!
Bless you

Wednesday, 16 May 2018


Well, another week has passed and my craft room has changed significantly,  but sadly not in any way conducive to crafting.
It is likely to be many weeks before any crafting is done in there.
The furniture and boxes arrived early last Wednesday, closely followed by Margaret who spent the next 5 days unpacking, unpacking and more unpacking. She is an absolute star.
Monday morning she escaped leaving us to go to Ikea and spend money on bookcases and wardrobes. 
However we do now have a working range cooker

And a jazzy new fridge!
Well if i don't finish this, you lovely peeps won't get to read it.
Many thanks as usual to our wonderful host Julia,
Do pop over and see some real crafty desks.
Thanks for visiting,  and once again,  I cannot promise to return your visit,  not until we have exhausted our pile of boxes, but bless you for all your kind comments.

Wednesday, 9 May 2018


Just a short post to let you know that we are in our house, at last, in a village near Lincoln!!!
If you have stumbled on this blog hoping to see some craft stuff, just pop over to our wonderful host Julia  

This will be my craft room, when the furniture arrives today! And is unpacked and sorted !
Contents of a five bedroom house into a three bedroom house! When we unpack everything and I have some leisure time to do craft instead of unpacking,  this will be the view from the craft room window, probably around about July!

Margaret is arriving Wednesday, after the furniture, with some of hubby's big tools which have been resting in her garage since last August. She is staying a few days to help unpack before she heads back to Wales for a rest.
Thank you very much for visiting and reading, and leaving comments, however I imagine I will far too busy trying to make order out of chaos to return visits.
Bless you

Wednesday, 28 February 2018


Morning all, just a very short post this snowy morning.
Yes I do have an active desk as I type.
Just doing a bit of stamping because we have nothing else to do as we are snowed in, actually not quite true, but too cold to move, at Market Drayton.
If you don't know why I am sharing my desk, visit The Stamping Ground 
and all  will be explained. 
Thank you for dropping by, I will get back to you sometime.
Have a great day

Wednesday, 14 February 2018


Hi lovely Woywwers, it is ages since I posted, mainly because I have had very little to post, certainly nothing on a worktop on Wednesday. If you are a new visitor to my blog, and have no idea what WOYWW is, please visit the wonderful Julia .
However, I did manage to get access to the dining room table to make a Valentine card for OH on Monday, so I decided I would cheat a bit and show you the making of that.
I had lots of fun with my Pan Pastels making the blue master board, and doing the die cutting whilst he was out, and then I was struggling desperately to assemble it with himself in the room.
You can see, sort of centre, the makings of a birthday card for my grandson, that I had to use as cover for the Valentine's card, every time OH came near the table.

Here you can see both finished item.

(One day I will find out how to make a collage of the pictures so that there isn't so much blank space)
As you can tell from the dining room table, we are still at my daughter's in Doncaster, still waiting for solicitors and our seller to fill in paperwork. Biggest problem remains the issue of the septic tank, whether it complies with regulations.  We had hope to move straight from here, but unless we have something definite by the beginning of next week,  we will be back on the boat by Wednesday.
Thanks for visiting and making lovely comments,  I will return visits but it may not be today.
Bless you all

Wednesday, 13 December 2017


Hi there all, really wanted to blog today, more to the point, I really wanted something to blog, and as Tuesday is a day when every one is out, I could use the dining room table all day, and do something I had been planning for days. So I started getting things out, all needing to be hauled out from under the bed.
And then I went back for the power cable, the plates, thecard, and the die I wanted to use. And that is where it all ground to a halt, couldn't find the die, I had it in my hand on Monday, and was absolutely sure I knew where I had put it, and with only two small boxes and a bag for all my craft stuff, it couldn't be very far.
Five hours later, I found it under the chest of drawers, but by then it was nearly supper time, and my worktop was no longer available.
I am so grateful to my daughter and her husband for giving us a home, when I couldn't possibly manage on the boat, but I do so want a craft room of my own. There is some good news on the house front, we have made an offer, subject to survey, on a house near Lincoln, with plenty of room for a dedicated craft room. The bad new is I can't see a quality craft shop in easy reach!!!
For those who want to know,  I am making slow progress, walking with just a stick, and can do much that I want to do, but cannot walk too far without hurting. The range of movement in my arm is still very limited,  I can't do my hair properly and certainly can't do my bra up behind my back. So there is still a long way to go.
So, enough of my boring crafters moan, take yourselves over to our host The wonderful Julia. There  you will be able to see posts of really crafty blogs.
Bless you for reading and happy WOYWW

Wednesday, 4 October 2017


Well I made it to the crop, really wonderful day, meeting such lovely WOYWWers. There was Julia, of course, and Lunch Lady Jan. Also Delores (Cardarian), Annie (Wipso), Anne (Copper Beeches), Elizabeth (Silver Scrapper), Sarah Brennan and her crafty friend Eva, Neet, Christine (Bishops mate) and of course Margaret (Glitter and glue), who organised everything and worked so hard to get things done.

And it wasn't just meeting Deskers that was so great about the crop, it was getting some lovely goodies. ATCs, a fabric tray, with ATC, a tag, a stone "ATC" and a "dumfed" note book. Felt rather guilty that I had nothing to take to share, but thought I could be excused, just this once as I have been somewhat indisposed!
On that subject,  I am making slow progress,  walking with a four footed stick, but not climbing stairs yet. (One additional bonus of coming to the crop was that we stayed at Margaret's house, and she has a fantastic wet room shower, of which I took great advantage, not having had a shower since I left hospital) My shoulder is still very painful and physio to improve function and full range of movement adds to the pain level.
 Now the title of this blog group is What's on your Worktop Wednesday, however, as I am currently limited to using my daughter's dining table for a craft space, and you really wouldn't be interested in seeing breakfast on it on Wednesday morning, I managed to grab a couple of hours crafting Tuesday afternoon, so that is what I as sharing now.
Anticlockwise from the left is the wonderful Tim Holtz Stamping platform,  which has given my stamps a reprieve from the skip, centre front is a card for my sister in law, and next a stamp I got out but then didn't use.
Further round is a pile of paper I took to the crop, on top of which is the only bit of crafting I did on the day, and at the back is my well used guillotine.  Then there is a pink folder with my stamps in and you can just see the box housing my dew drop ink pads.
Well that is all I have to share with you lovely visitors,  and if you are new to this and want to know more, visit the lovely Julia at her Stamping ground.
Have a good day and thank you for visiting me .
Bless you all,