Wednesday, 25 March 2015


Morning lovely people and welcome to What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday, hosted by the fabulous Julia.
Right housekeeping over, now to tell you that my workdesk is not worth viewing today, instead this will be a picture heavy post.
So, Margaret, John and I went to the craft show at the NEC last Friday and did a 'little' bit of shopping!! I did have a list and did try to stick to it, but it was all so tempting!!!
So this was my desk on Saturday morning when these pictures were taken, before I managed to find homes for it all, well most of it.
 There is a stamp press, because I always end up with my stamp just not quite straight and this should help me line them up perfectly and a bow maker, which I have been after for a while, and some ribbons and a Tattered lace die.
 And some stamps, especially the Savannah set with a giraffe, my daughter is mad about giraffes, and a music stamp for son in law's birthday card.
A Spellbinders die, which I bought for a special reason and it is not the right size, and a tattered lace embossing folder, which is gorgeous and sort of goes with the die I got.
Then there are some Distress inks and Occasions dies, Golden and Anniversary for my sister's Golden Anniversary, of course!
Also some bling, I love Meiflower gems, and other embellishments, and another music stamp.
This is the Savannah set of stamps in more detail and a lovely Nativity set as well.

Looking at these pictures, a few days after I took them, I am suddenly reminded of all the goodies I did buy, and I couldn't get everything on my list.

And just to prove I will use them, I played with the giraffe stamp and the bow maker and made this card for my daughter.
And finally a card for friend who is 60. I got these cardboard numbers at the show, 30 for 25pence, which I thought was jolly good value, and I also used the grass stamp from the Savannah set on this.

Well if you have stuck with me through all that, thank you very much for visiting, even if I cheated and didn't show you the mess that is my desk.
Well I'm off to visit other desks and see what other folks are doing.
Bless you all

Wednesday, 11 March 2015


Another week has whizzed by and Wednesday is approaching fast, so it is time share our desks with the delightful Julia and all you lovely people.
First of all, thank you for all your visits last week, and a moment to set the record straight. The flowers I 'ordered' for Julia, were only on my website, so Julia only got to enjoy them there, as did the rest of you, I hope. Actually they were the flowers my daughter sent me for Mothering Sunday last year.
So to business, although I still have tendonitis, wearing a brace on my arm relieves me of some of the pain, if I am careful with what I do, using scissors is really painful, as is using my mobile phone or tablet, However making cards is good exercise as long as I am not putting too much pressure on my arms, so I have had quite a blitz, I finished some previously unfinished symphonies, made new cards, the eagled eyed among you might notice that I have used the die I showed you last week on three cards, and, Oh dear, I have more unfinished symphonies.  I am particularly frustrated with the red card with the fan and lacy corner, anyone got some good ideas what else to do with it to make it look finished.?

I also made some Easter cards, our church has very close link with the local school and there are some children there whose families are in very straighten circumstance, so we are putting together some Easter bags, a bit like the shoe boxes, but for the whole family, and we needed cards for the bags so I rustled up half a dozen, and it gave me the chance to use the new corner punch I managed to miss in last week's picture.

Then there was the requirement to make a birthday card for no 1 grandson, 14 years old on Monday and absolutely mad about tigers, his bedroom is a vision in black and orange, pictures, blankets bedding and floor cushion, so at least I had a theme to work with.
Well I am having serious problems with Blogger so  I will say Happy WOYWW, have a great week and thank you for dropping in.

Wednesday, 4 March 2015


THREE  HUNDREDTH  EDITION of WOYWW and it's all down to the wonderful


Step forward desker queen for a round of applause and a virtual bouquet of flowers.
I'm sorry I haven't got real ones to you.
Well it has been seven weeks since I last posted, and I am still battling with tennis elbow/tendonitis. This severely restricts my ability to do much in the way of crafting, and or using the computer keyboard, both of which cause severe pain from above the elbow to my finger tips. However in those seven weeks, I have visited lots of desks and made a few comments, and even tennis elbow can't stop me posting for the 300th edition of WOYWW and will visit and comment as  much as I am able over the next week.
So down to the serious business of sharing my desktop, and I'm afraid my desk will be a bit of a disappointment for anyone looking for great creative genius. We have been away for a week, visiting junior daughter for her 40th birthday, gosh I feel old, and then on to see 92year old uncle in Hampshire, where it has become clear we need to be looking for a care home for him.
So we only got home at 7pm on Tuesday evening and unpacking was a priority, however I managed to buy a few goodies at the Works whilst I was away and these have been carefully posed on my work surface to get a picture late Tuesday evening.
So there is a nice corner punch on the very right hand side, you can't really see it, some lovely shimmery ribbons, some bling, and a packet of 5 x 7 cards. There is also a vertical die I purchased online before I went away and it was in the post when I got home, and there are five unfinished symphonies that I had put on my desk about 10 days ago, in the vain hope that I would get something finished before we went away.
Well, time to do a bit of visiting.
Happy 300th WOYWW to everyone