Wednesday, 25 July 2018


Another week gone by, and far too fast for my liking.
A week in we which travelled back to North Wales for the funeral of a lovely Godly lady, who died far too young. She was one of those people who was always a presence in a room, and she will leave a very large hole in the world. It was very traumatic to see her children and her husband talk about her at the church in front of around 200 people, although clearly nowhere near as traumatic as it was for them. On Friday we travelled home, taking 6 hours over what should have been a three hour one.
On Saturday I  finished the card which was on my desk last week, for my sister who's anniversary was on Monday! Late again!

So my desk, picture taken Tuesday evening.
What you can mainly see is a pile of bits for making Christmas cards. Over the years I seem to have accumulated a lot of bits, toppers, sentiments, embellishments,  and I have promised myself that I will use up lots of them this year, so I can do something new next year. We also need to get cards out very early to make sure people have our new aďdress.
If you want to see more interesting desks, go to our wonderful host Julia at her Stamping Ground  where you can find links to lots of desks to snoop at
When that's all from me, Happy WOYWW and thanks for visiting

Wednesday, 18 July 2018


Morning Deskers,

A brief post this morning,  I wasn't going to do one, but Margaret asked me if I could. She asked me to, because she won't be able to,  she is in Essex, I  think, picking up Marian's mother in law, to take her to North Wales for Marian's funeral tomorrow,  and as soon as we have parked the cat at the cattery, we will also be on tne road, so I will not be able to make prompt responses to any visits.
So a brief pic of the desk,

 So what you can see, is on the left, the beginnings of some Christmas cards, in the centre some Martha Stewart punches I am selling on Facebook and on the right, the makings of an anniversary card for my sister.

This is the version of the same design I made for my daughter, as the picture does not do justice to it, it is in a soft mushroom colour with cream.
Well I must post this or you will never see it, and if anyone is reading this and wonders why I am doing "the full monty" with my desk, pop over to, can't get a link.

Well I must post this or you will never get to see it
Bless you for visiting, 

Wednesday, 4 July 2018


Hi desk surfers, I am determined to get a post up today, and will do my utmost to visit as many desks as our limited WiFi allows! Yes we've been in the house 8 weeks now and BT/OpenReach are still not able to get their act together to get us a phone line and Broadband, despite the fact that there is a telegraph poles on our land by our back gate and an inspection cover over the fibre conduit, also on our land!
What I do have however, is a craft room, not very organised yet, but this what what it looked like last week

And this is what it look like now. Nearly everything in a drawer or on a shelf, but it definitely lacks organisation!

There you can almost see some work in progress.  One bag containing handmade toppers, and the other one containing 'almost toppers', ready to make some, sadly urgently needed,  sympathy cards. I seem to have used rather a lot recently! 😢
If you don't understand why I am "baring all" so to speak, visit the amazing Julia at At The Stamping Ground.

That's all for now, Happy WOYWW and thanks for reading my drivel!
Bless you