Wednesday, 12 September 2018


We've got BROADBAND!!!!! At last.

 "Didn't we have a lovely time
The day we went to....... Llandudno!"
Sorry it doesn't scan as well as Bangor does, but it was still in lovely Welsh Wales.

We went to the Crop,  I took these with me

And I brought these home,

And these
I took some pictures,  this was fun,

Ladies taking pictures of the gentlemen who attended with their wives, from the left, Shaz, Neet, Jan, Christine,  Margaret, Chris, Elizabeth and Sarah.
And I'm sorry I can't seem to get any other pics to upload.

And then Margaret and Shaz travelled all across England and we had a meet with Angela, from "Felix the crafty cat"
I'm sure the others who were there will have uploaded lots of pics, go to Julia's 
and have a snoop.
Thanks for visiting,  I will try to get back to you, but it won't be until the weekend as we have visitors arriving shortly, and I am no where near ready for them.

Wednesday, 5 September 2018


Wednesday is here again, desk snooping begin, so after you have looked at my desk, pop over Julia's Stamping Ground,   there you can see lots of crafty desks.

So my desk is a mess, I have been preparing ATCs for the crop this weekend, you can see a nice pile of completed ones at the back and one I didn't like centre front. Not going to finish that one, but out of sight are a couple I should get finished tomorrow to be sure of having enough.On extreme right cup of cold green tea, new brand to me and it was not nice, won't buy that one again.
We still don't have broadband!!! Long story, getting longer, complaint submitted and completely ignored, another one being prepared when I have the time.
We are off to North Wales first thing Thursday,  so I can't be sure I can make visits or return them until we are home on Sunday or even Monday, but thank you for making time to read my rubbish.
Bless you and have  great day