Wednesday, 30 April 2014


Good morning all. My desk today is very unexciting because I have been making ATCs and they are all put away out of sight from prying eyes in the box so there are just a few scraps around to make some more when I get the time.

And this picture shows the utter chaos of the whole desk.

If any dear soul has arrived here and is wondering why I'm bothering to show you the mess,  just visit Julia where all will be explained.
Meanwhile I am playing hookey with Margaret today so will not be able to visit until late this evening.

Wednesday, 23 April 2014


Good morning fellow deskers, and it is looking like a lovely morning so far, at
Well on my desk today are just the beginnings of the ATC's for the swap, my stamp folder, some inks and a few part made cards.
Not very exciting at all, so if you want exciting pop over to the desk Queen Julia where you can see loads of far more interesting desks.

 Meantime during the week I had a blitz of finished cards and filed them tidily in a box so that I can see what I have at a glance.

And just a few of the cards I have filed in there.
The two purple ones are made using the card from which I have die cut flourishes and it seemed to be a waste to throw them away

Sorry Julia it seems to have got a bit heavy on pics.
 Anyway that's all for now, thanks for reading my ramblings, now it is time for a cup of tea and some snooping.

Wednesday, 16 April 2014


Hi folks, I am going to make the lovely Julia the WOYWW queen, a very happy lady today. A very short post because I have just finished some cards and posted them to great niece and nephew, and all that is on my desk is 50th birthday card for a friend and some general clutter.
 So there you have view of my tool box and bits beyond it, and the card on my glass cutting mat.
The eagle eyed might also see Max sitting on the floor in front of the cupboard. Didn't realise he was there.

And here you can see the card. She said she was 25 again so that's what the card says although there are very pale stamps of 50th on the paper.

Well that's all for now,
I'm out all day today, so probably will not be able to visit until Thursday, but will then I will have a whale of a time.

Bye for now

Wednesday, 9 April 2014


Well Good Morning all you Woywwers and anyone else who arrived here by whatever means. And if that's you and you have arrived here by space ship or submarine, or on horseback, if you click on the name of the wonderful Julia you will be enlightened about what on earth I am wittering about.
For those who have visited last week, this is the elusive picture that refused to appear on my blog then, the Llangollen canal in wonderful sunshine.

Today we are back home and my worktop looks like this. Nearly all the UFOs from last week have become FOs or finished objects, thanks to a few well placed comments from you lot.
Only one has been consigned to history, but not until I had removed the topper. One was finished but escaped the picture and one is still waiting for more to happen but I know what I am going to do with it, just didn't have time to do it.
And because we are supposed to be showing our wrktops and not just a select part of it, this is the long view, with assorted clutter and at the far end my ironing pile, which will take me stop me doing any crafting for a while.
So I'm off to do some snooping, cos I didn't get much chance last week, and then I might tackle some ironing or housework or any of the other jobs that are necessary when one returns from a holiday.
Thanks for visiting and your lovely comments,
Bless you all

Wednesday, 2 April 2014


My home work top has lots of Ufos on it,  but that's alright because I'm not there to see them. Left them all there on Saturday. While I was tidying up before we came away, I unearthed all these part finished cards that I am struggling for inspiration about finishing. So I thought I'd post them here and see if anyone else has any ideas to suggest, apart from putting them in the bin.
 Actually it is not a very good picture, but as we are now on our boat,  I cannot take a better one.
If you want to see better worktops go to the lovely Julia and see desks aplenty there.

Sorry peeps,  just managed to get Internet access and discovered that blogger has lost the picture that should be here. No idea where it has gone either. Should be a nice sunny picture of the Llangollen canal, taken on Tuesday afternoon.

Meantime this is where we were yesterday, not doing much crafting but opening lots of lift bridges in the lower Llangollen canal.
Unfortunately the canal is closed above Whitchurch, because they are working on a collapsing bank until Friday. Rather a a shame because I wanted to go to the craft shop in Llangollen.

Have to go now,, I have to work the six Grindley Brook locks?
Happy Woyww
blessings to you all