Wednesday, 1 April 2015


Gosh it is Wednesday again, nearly Easter and I haven't recovered from Christmas yet.
Welcome to all you lovely people who drop in to share my work space, for uninitiated this is the place where we bare all, well as far as our worktops are concerned, and share them so that you can see mine and I can see yours, just pop of to Julia's and you can follow the links to lots of bared worktops.
Right so what is on my worktop today, or in reality, what was on my worktop at 5.30 Tuesday before the light failed.

Well actually for a change, it is rather bare.
On the left is a Baptism card for friend who is being baptised, by full immersion, on Easter Sunday and on the right is the Golden Wedding card for my sister, who is celebrating 50 years of wedded bliss!!!, in July.
And the scrappy bit of light blue card was the first attempt at a backing for the cross, destined for the bin, because was too generous with the glitter and made a mess.

And a side view of the desk shows you that is is very clean and uncluttered, with just the two folders of my die cutters and some papers and a free embossing folder from a magazine.

The reason it is so cleared is that we are off on our travels on our narrow boat, so I have had to clear the place as we have family who are planning on having free holidays in Wales, while we are away, and friends coming into check between family stays. I felt it really would be nice for my family not to have to wade through all the paper 'pooh' on the landing carpet.

Oh Monday, after the the worktop was clean and shiny, I started to put out craft materials and tools to take on the boat with me so that I can do some card making while we are pottering around the system. It is quite difficult to work out what is absolutely essential and what I really can manage without, given the very limited storage space inside the boat. Whatever I do take, sooner or later I will be trying to locate a craft shop within walking distance of the canal, for glue or mirror card or ribbon,
So this will be our home for the next three months and if anyone here live near the Trent and Mersey, Coventry, Oxford or Grand Union canals and see us gliding along, do make yourself known.
Right now I really must go and make a pile of essentials and then reduce it too one crate full!. If you leave a comment, I promise I will return your kindness, but it may take me a couple of days.
Have a great day and a very blessed Easter