Wednesday, 25 June 2014


What's on your Worktop Wednesday? Or even Tuesday afternoon. Well the answer to that is very little,  a self heal mat, a glass mat, a guillotine and a box of homeless oddments. Pretty boring, eh?
However as we are going away on Friday and I have finished the list of cards to make,  I thought a thorough clear up was in order, I even vacuumed the floor.
Regular readers will remember that last week I was bemoaning that the mojo had gone awol, (and thank you all for your synpathy and encouragement)  well I think it was just being difficult because I was under pressure to make a dinosaur card for my great niece.
 The mojo was quite happy to encourage me to make lots of other easy cards, some of which were needed, but struggled with the concept of dinosaurs
These are just some of the 'not-dinosaur' cards I created during the week

Finally by Sunday inspiration had arrived and after several false starts and a lot of wasted paper, the mark 4 is finally finished.
   I'm not completely happy with it but I've cleared the worktop so it will have to do. I have a set of dinosaur stamps for her for her birthday so I expect her to produce lots of brilliant dinosaur art work.

The other card that had to be made was for my daughter. Regular readers of my drivell will remember that she is being ordained at the end of the month, Sunday in fact, in Ely cathedral, so a card for her was essential, so much easier to create that the dinosaur one.
Well if you are wondering why I'm pouring out all this to strangers, go and visit the leader of our internet community, the wonderful Julia, where we are all friends and you too can be part of the Wednesday desk expose. 
I'm not sure how much visiting I will achieve this week, lots to do getting ready to go away, but I will make an effort and I apologise in advance if you visit me and I don't get back to you until my return.
Thank you for visiting and have a wonderful WOYWW
Bless you

Wednesday, 18 June 2014


Well what a busy couple of days I've had and not a card in sight. We have sold the motorhome so I spent all day Sunday cleaning and polishing it before the buyer came, all day Monday emptying it because they were definitely buying it, and all morning Tuesday trying to work out what to do with it all. (OH who is part time chaplain at the local hospice went off to drink tea all day while I did the sorting).
We intend to replace the motorhome with a caravan at some point in the not too distant future, but the bulk of the money from the motorhome is going towards buying a bigger boat. However in the meantime the contents, it is amazing how much stuff we accumulated in just a year, have to be stored. Fortunately we have a large attic so I filled 4 large boxes and lugged them up to the attic.
So today will be spent making the 6 cards that I need before the weekend, unfortunately I think I have packed my mojo in the box with the stuff.
Anyway this is my very unexciting worktop and the only thing worthy of comment is that I have been trying to put unused ATC's to use as toppers for cards, back left and right.
So onto a more interesting subject. Since we have come back from holiday Max has found a new place to sleep. There are lots of warm pipes under the floor in the airing cupboard and Max being a bright pussy cat he has found them.
One happy cat.
And best of all, our beloved Julia appears to be back in action after having had her holiday plans somewhat rewritten. So if you are wondering why I am baring all, so to speak, go and visit her, where WOYWW will be explained and hopefully she will have links to some more exciting worktops and you can snoop to your hearts content.
Thank you for visiting me and reading my rubbish, and if you make a comment I will get back to you.
Bless you all

Friday, 13 June 2014

Friday smiles

Well I don't usually post a Friday smile, but this just cracked me up and I thought I would share it with others out there.
Those who visit me regularly know how much I love my cat and how I spoil him, but fortunately I have never had him try to sit on the television, so don't need to buy an old style one for him.
Thanks for looking at my page.

Wednesday, 11 June 2014


Well another Wednesday, we are in June now, don't the weeks go fast.
On my desk this morning, amongst all the stuff I unloaded from the boat are all the beautiful ATC's I received from people. And can I say here, a very big apology if I said I would swap with you and haven't. I think I have more than I sent, but cannot work out which of those who sent them didn't get one from me. I think I am getting old and forgetful. Please email me if I have let you down and I will remedy it as soon as possible.
So here are the first batch.

The top left one from B-J, beautiful butterfly and lovely glittery effect.
The card and the tag and the lovely envelope were all from JIll, wish I was as stylish as that lady.

Bottom left, both ATC and card from my very special 'naughty'  friend Margaret. They are absolutely super, and so is she.
And then far right is the card from Nan of Froggy designs, lovely stamping in autumn colours with a great message.
The next lot has not one, but two beauties from Chris and a smashing envelope as well, with a lovely teddybear on, her signature trade mark I believe.

Then comes another beautiful lady from Cindy, so simple but efective.

Bottom left is a celebratory party themed card from Helen, very cheerful.

And last, on this page but no means least, is that very well executed Zentangle card from Caro. The variety of designs on that are brilliant.

And still more!

Two beautifully stitched ATC's, the top one, with pretty envelope, from Annie, Wispso, with such neat stitching.

And the one at the bottom is from Jo, Twiglet' with some more beautifully executed needlework and a very pretty slip cover as well.

Such lovely things, I feel so blessed by all your generosity, I'm going to put them all in a scap book so that I can't keep them clean and protected and look at them again and again.

Well I have burbbled on for long enough, thank you for visiting and I am off to see if the Lady Julia has returned tanned and rested from her hols in the sun and to visit some other desks on display this week..
Bless you

Wednesday, 4 June 2014


Well another week has passed all we are all back together in the Headmistresses study once more confessing what we've been up to.
So first of all I will show you the ATC's that I had made, but blurred the picture last week.

Actually, this is a different one because it is clearer than the other one.
Then I have to say 'Thank you' to everyone who sent me ATCs, Margaret who is checking my post intermittently says that I have a nice little pile of them at home, and I won't be there to see them until next Monday, but they will be a wonderful surprise when I do get to see them.
So as this is about what is on our worktops, I'd better show the only craft I have done in a week. It is my great nephew's 4th birthday next Monday so I had to create something from the very limited selection of materials I had brought with me.
He is apparently very keen on pirates so I managed to buy some pirate stickers, and threw them at the page with a number four I cut out.
If you look very closely you can see where I tested the Happy Birthday stamp, in multi colours, on the newspaper to make sure it worked.

And this is where we stayed Tuesday night. Picture taken before it poured with rain. You can see a boat cat on the bow before he leapt off and encountered a dog and returned very quickly.
He seems to enjoy himself most of the time on the boat, but does get very cuddly sometime when he is feeling insecure.
Well that all for now, not sure how much visiting I am going to be able to do this week, but will do my best to visit all who visit me.
Bless you all and have a Happy Wednesday.