Wednesday, 26 November 2014


We what a busy weeK I have had, and struggling with a sore throat and cough too. However, by midday Tuesday I had finsished the urgent cards, and posted them, so it was home to clear up the chaos which was my desk.
I did start,and then I found this stamp on the desk and suddenly I was at it all over again.
I have no idea where the stamp came from but is lovely, so the last 20 cards I need for Christmas may well feature this.
Oh and those inportant cards, well this was one for my sister,
but I can't show the others because the recipient may see this page and her birthday is not until Saturday,
However this was the finished birthday card for my great niece, that you saw in development last week. Her parents were thrilled with it, I 'm not sure what her reaction was since she lives in London.
Well if you're wondering why I am sharing this part of my life, it is all about What's on you worktop Wednesday and if you go to Julia's Stamping Ground  you will be welcome to peer over the shoulders of lots of crafty folk at  lots of exciting desks.
Please leave a comment, even if it is only 'Rubbish!' and I will get back to you, but it probably won't be until latish Thursday or after the weekend as I have a very busy few days ahead.
Bless you for dropping by

Wednesday, 19 November 2014


Oh dear, another Wednesday means Christmas is another week closer, and I am not another week more prepared.  At this rate we will be having Christmas around the middle of February, I seem to have just run out of steam with making cards.
Anyway this is going to be a short post, desk queen Julia will be proud of me.
So this was my desk at 7pm on Tuesday before I went out, and nothing will change until this evening when I return.
In the centre you can see the makings of a birthday card for a one year old great niece and on the left a finished special Christmas card.
On the right there is the corner of my essential tool box, this contains all those things without which I simply cannot craft. Twice I have dropped it at craft club and it made such a mess. I did wonder just how much of the junk really is essential but it all got stuffed back in.
Piled up there on the window sill are more Christmas card bits including lots of die cuts from a die I  returned to Margaret yesterday.
Well I have a busy day today so will not be doing any visiting until this evening or tomorrow morning,  or even later, but I will get round some desks before next week!

Thank you so much for dropping by.


Wednesday, 12 November 2014


Welcome lovelies, to another Wednesday and another sharing of creative workspaces at Julia's Stamping Ground.
Now Julia, are you sitting down, because my work top is once again cleared and sterile looking, but that is because I have some special visitors staying with me, and I decided it was simply not nice
to expect them to wade through this mess to get thorugh their bedroom, not a very welcoming site for our visitors as they got to the top of the stairs.
I felt that if I was vacuuming the floor, it made sense to clear the worktop too.
And of course my visitors are with us until Thursday and then we are away until Monday, so will not have time to do any creating until then.
So Monday I can start with a nice blank canvas and get on with the Birthday cards I have to make before Christmas.

So my worktop looks like this today. Nothing very exciting to see, a new die this end, came in the post yesterday, and at the far end the basket containing the Christmas cards I have made so far. A pile of toppers and other bits on the window sill and in the middle my homemade gelli plate I made and have so far never used.
But just to prove I have done something since last week, these are  a few of the cards I have made

over the past week, only need another 25 or so.
Well now I must return to my visitors who are waiting for breakfast and then we  are all going out for the day on the boat.

Thank you for visiting my desk, I will get round to visiting a few desks  tomorrow evening but mostly not until Monday when we get home, so I will look forward to that.
Bless you all

Wednesday, 5 November 2014


Is it really Wednesday again, where did the week go? It really seems to be true that as you get older time goes by faster than it used to. I'm sure the EU have altered our time, they have altered everything else, so now we only have 50 seconds in a minute, and 50 minutes in an hour, although there do seem to be still 24 hours in a day, the days are just so much shorter, and as I mature (like good wine) everything takes longer to get done. Ho hum!

For those kind people who regularly visit my space, you might recollect last week, that my worktop was almost sterile as I took the picture just before bedtime on Tuesday evening. Well it didn't take long for the situation to change, by 4 pm this was this was my desk! What a mess.
And this from the other end. Actually I was trying to sort stuff out and combine two boxes of Christmas stuff. and I did throw away pass on a lot of paper and embellishments that I knew I wold never use.
However I can assure that some good work did come out of it, these are just a few of the cards I finished.
 Sorry for the crummy picture, too dark for no flash, but mirror card reflects is so much.

Right, what I'm supposed to be showing you is my desk today. Err.... it  doesn't look very different, still covered in rubbish detritus, but different detritus, but at least there are a couple of almost finished cards and the makings of another.
Why is it that I can never work tidily.

Anyway, I'm off to gate crash other people's parties, oh no, I've been invited, and so have you. So come on, join the deskosphere at Julia's. and see what great offering are on display there.
Have fun