Wednesday, 21 October 2015


Good morning people, once again I am trying to do the blog thing and this morning I am having to fight technology to do it.
So on my desk are these flowers, coloured with Distress inks


  and the card they were designed for, and I didn't need all the pink ones, so now I have a dozen pink flowers to use, sometime, along with lots of other "sometime" use stuff.
 The rest of the desk has a lot of other 'sometime' stuff on the desk, but it really isn't very exciting.

There are piles of half made Christmas cards that I can't decide how to finish, dies I am trying to work out how to store in already full storage folders, and lots stamps I am telling myself to put on Ebay because I will never use them. However the squirrel part of me tells me that
 "they are very pretty, shame to part with them"
 and the sensible part is saying
 "get rid, you know you will never use them, you are so uncomfortable with stamping that you only ever use the same easy ones"
I know the sensible part of the brain is right, but I'm just not very good at getting rid of things
Anyway if you are visiting me, thank you for your time and effort, and suggest that you pop over to Julia's page where you will be able to snoop at far more interesting desk than mine.
Bless you all