Wednesday, 19 August 2015


Gosh it's Wednesday again and as usual I am caught unawares. I'm still trying to catch up on washing and ironing and cleaning

Well I am back again  for a little while, after a wonderful celebration of my sister's Golden Wedding anniversary and as requested I have some pics of the event for you.
This was the moment when we sang silly song to the happy couple.
It has become traditional in our family to write a song mentioning foibles of the star of such occasions and then give them something silly to do with that issue. For example my niece's wedding we mentioned thatshe was famous for losing things, phones, purses etc, so we gave her a large plastic toy phone and  handcuffed her to the groom so she wouldn't lose him.
For my sister we majored on the fact that they spend a lot of time with their grand children and they like to go for walks, hence they were given a walking stick, a baby doll and other useless items.
I don't remember the significance of the hat, but it is very fetching.
Since we got back I have not had time to do any crafting, I'm still trying to catch up on washing and ironing and cleaning, so my desk is exactly as I left it four weeks ago. Well almost, as it is a convenient surface for all the unpacking from the caravan to be dumped for sorting and there are still some of those things on there that 'you got out of somewhere before you went on holiday, but now you are back you can't remember where to put them back' Anyone else have that problem?.
Anyway I'm not going to show you the chaos, it is too embarrassing.  

Well I must publish this or you won't get the dubious privilege of reading my rubbish; there much better stuff to be read and seen at our host's Stamping Ground where Julia facilitates the snooping at lots of desks.
Bless you for visiting bless you even more if you think it it worthy of a comment, polite or otherwise.
I will get back to you if you do.