Wednesday, 23 October 2019


I was determined to post this week, so I'm sorry that this pic is from Monday, but what you can see is my haul from a craft show I went to on Sunday.  Margaret came over for the weekend and we went to Sincerely Yours show at Newark show ground.
I mainly bought card, but also a lovely couple of stamps, some gilding wax, blending tools and tapes. It was good to be able to see stuff before buying it, I don't like buying online, but it is either that or the limited choice available in The Range or the high prices of Hobby craft.
This is a later one, I was trying to show you some of the cards I have made, but Flottie was determined to get in on the action . Not a very good picture of him, but at least you get to see a card and a cat.

And a couple of collages of the Christmas cards I have been making.
If you are reading this and have no idea why I am sharing,  got to our wonderful host, the lovely Julia at her  Stamping Ground
where all will be revealed.
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