Wednesday, 31 July 2013


Well the left push principle had to stop. I had reached the stage where I could no longer use the guillotine without lifting up a pile of papers and finding somewhere to put them while I did the cutting and then piling them back on the guillotine, now with additional scraps of paper I had cut off the current project. It had to be dealt with!!

So I gathered it to the centre of the worktop and slowly worked my way down.
'Oh, I wondered where that had gone',
'I'd forgotten I had that'.,
'I remember why that got pushed, I couldn't decide where to put it, now it has to have a home',
'Part finished project, to be attended to. Add to pile of part finished projects.'
Slowly the left push pile went down, and unfortunately theunfinished project pile grew. I finished a couple of cards as I went along and managed to put then by the filing box for glue to dry and then they can be put away.

 However there is still the pile of projects to be dealt with, sorry not a very good picture,and some of them I still have no idea how to proceed. Maybe I can put the them in a box under the bed instead of on the guillotine!


And here is a picture showing that the worktop where the pile was, is indeed clear.

Actually you can see some of the projects better in this picture. so I have my work cut out for the next few days, but will try to put pictures of the finished project on here for people to see, and now it is over to Julia's to put this up for peole to read, and to get some poking around other people's worktops.

Just a PS, if anyone else uses Blogger and can tell me how to make it do what I want it to do and not what it wants to do, I'd appreciate you help. It takes me so long trying to get a good presentation and I'm sure there must be a way to do it more easily, effectively and consistently, without all the big gaps.

Monday, 29 July 2013


Today has been a bad day!
It started off fine, I spent an hour or so playing with Pan Pastels with my daughter, these were the bits that worked. The doily is actually a sheet of greaseproof paper that I used in a die cutter to be an inner layer to ensure that my main paper came out easily. I tried to use it as a mask but that wasn't very successful, but it was clear that the Pp had coloured the greaseproof so I added a bit more and coloured it completely and will use it for something.
While we were playing, son in law was walking the dog, grandsons were watching video, and hubby was taking the motorhome to the garage to have some work done on the suspension.

About midday the garage rang to say they were having problems and the job would take longer than they expected, so could only do one side today and other side on Wednesday, but vehicle would have to be collected this evening because it would not go in the garage overnight.
Stress levels start rising!
Daughter and family left after lunch  to go to my sister, near Manchester, on their way home to Doncaster and encounter further problems there adding to the stress levels!
So just before 5 pm we went down the garage and immediately noticed that what they had done clearly had not made any difference to the fact that the back of the van was still lower than the front. The parts alone were £350 and a whole days labour so far, would push it up to £500 and no real difference!!!
While we were discussing the problem with one of the mechanics, hubby notice damage on the side of the van and thought it was just dirt, Closer examination revealed that in getting it out of the drive that morning he had put a 4 foot long gouge, 2" wide, in the side. Probably going to cost another £300+ to repair so we are not going to have much change out of £1,000 and nothing has been improved so far.
Very bad day!!!
Never mind, the Lord is still good and the sun shone and I sat in the garden for an hour with the cat on my lap. He is pleased that family have now gone and taken their monster, guide dog puppy, with them and he can have his home back.
Tomorrow I can see if I can make something with the bits I have made.

Wednesday, 24 July 2013


Yesterday I was cheated. BBC weather told us we would have thunderstorms and torrential rain by the afternoon, so I was out in the garden at the crack of ..................... 9 o'clock. I planted new plants, moved old ones, soaked them all, did some serious weeding, picked soft fruit so it wouldn't be damaged by the heavy rain and then went in for breakfast at 11.30 feeling very virtuous, and confident that new and old plants would be well watered again later in the day. Four o'clock came and I looked at the weather forecast and Manchester got all our rain!!!! This is Wales for goodness sake, we always get more rain than the rest of GB , but the forecast just showed the rain all over the east of the country for the next few days.
I want my licence money back!!!

After my breakfast, for various personal reasons, I was feeling very low and had a whinge to that wonderful Shaz in Oz who sent me a very encouraging email, so I went on her blog Calligraphy cards and looked at her entry for July 20th and thought 'I have some Pan Pastels lurking in my cupboard, I could make a feeble attempt at creating something nowhere near as beautiful as she had',  so I dragged them out of the cupboard, and that is what you can see on my worktop.
I have pushed that bit of lilac coloured card, already cut, around for weeks and then having pulled out the Pan Pastel thought I could make a backing sheet for it and found the picture while finding room on the desk. Unfortunately, I don't have very many colours in pan pastels and somehow managed to order myself some more. Also realised that I don't have any 4 x 6 backing stamps so I ordered some of those, it gets expensive trying something to use what I already have in the cupboard!!
This other picture is a card I have half made and can't decide what to do next. Not even sure it works at all. I got the die, Spellbinders nestabilities. Elegant labels 4 before hubby went into hospital and just played with it on the lilac and the pink card, the stamping was already on the pink card so I teamed it with black but have got stuck now, and you, fellow WOYWWers, can have the pleasure of telling me it is rubbish if you think so.
Well I'd better get this on line at the wonderful Julia's party at Stamping Ground or none of you will have the opportunity to be critical or otherwise about it.
Happy Wednesday all.

Friday, 19 July 2013

Breakfast in the garden

Well isn't this weather wonderful, how many others have been having breakfast in the garden? Some of you many have seen my WOYWW post where I showed my sister's garden and said that I was going to have breakfast in the sunshine, well I am back home again, but still had breakfast in the sunshine and shade, but my garden isn't a patch on hers, however it was very nice sitting out there, with just a cat for company.
Then I spent half an hour, before it got too hot, picking fruit.
There is still at least three times as many gooseberries and twice the number of red currants but like all these things they are low down and I got sick of crawling on my hands and knees with the hot sun on my back and a cat trying to persuade me to cuddle him and leave the silly fruit alone.
Tomorrow I must clear my worktop and think about making some cards, several birthdays coming up, but later this evening we are going to annoy Curry's and ask them if, the new printer hubby wants to buy, will take 250 gm card. Sure they won't know, but it is annoying when you buy 250 or even 300 gm card, and it says 'Inkjet' on it but the printer won't take it.
I would like to print pink Petticoat designs onto card and make a double sided one but 160 card is a bit flimsy for a card. Type of thing can be seen on my post WOYWW 213 again, the blue wedding anniversary card was be printed both sides on 160 card and is not very substantial.

Well I must post this and think about supper.

Bye and thanks for visiting,


Wednesday, 17 July 2013


Well here we are on another Wednesday and I'm still away from home in beautiful Herefordshire. However as you can see I have been doing some crochet so I have spread it on the garden table to take a picture of it. It needs some more work before it is ready to go in the caravan, but at least it is now in one piece.
Well it will be home to North Wales tomorrow morning, to Max for lots of cuddles and demands to know why we left him, and a garden full of weeds. I know what I shall be doing for the next few days.  Pulling out bindweed!
Well my wonderful sister tells me that breakfast is being served so I will take the crochet off the table so that we can have breakfast in the sunshine.

Wednesday, 10 July 2013


Well I didn't think I would have anything to post today, as I don't have a worktop to show, but as I have been sitting in my sister's garden doing a bit of crochet I thought the garden could count as a work space.
We are down here for a couple of weeks to take the recuperating Mr D away from temptation to do things in the house and he is sitting under the tree enjoying the peace and quiet. Especially quiet as we have no phone signal so only a select few have my sister's phone number, so we are away from all the annoying cold calls we normally get.
Not sure there is much more for me to write so will go and join him in the garden after I have browsed few other WOYWWs.
Bless you all and have a good day

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

WOYWW 213 again

Well I'm running late today, It is this 'trying to stop hubby doing too much when he is convalescing' that has delayed me. Today it involved mowing the lawn as he was mithering about it. Actually 'lawn' is a very superior name for a patch of grass that is less than 2 square yards. However while a neighbour has been manfully mowing the grass in the orchard while we have been away, and once since we got back, the 'lawn' has escaped his notice, being the other side of the house and it was at least 8" high. So I had to go out there with the strimmer, was told off for plugging it in in the wrong place, told off for getting grass in the pond, told off for stopping because my hand hurt and then he took it off me and said  'Actually I can do that without any problems' and did the last square foot on his own. Don't quite know why I bothered.

I have a couple of pictures to show you, the first is of an orchid that Margaret gave us some time ago. It started flowering for the second time just before we went away and we thought that we would miss it as we didn't know how long we were going to be down at the hospital, but it just goes on and on producing more flowers. Isn't God's creation wonderful? I doesn't normally live on the floor in front of a kitchen cupboard but I was struggling to find a place where I could get the right light for a good picture of it.
 I had problems also with light for my worktop this morning so I am afraid the first one is very arranged to give you the best images and the second one is from the other direction showing the clutter that was 'right swept' to make room for the cards to be displayed.
The blue card at the back is a wedding anniversary card for my sister in Holland, the other two are just playing pieces with new dies I bought. The white piece at the front is the card from which I cut the flourish that is on the greeny card on the right. I was going to throw it but felt that that was a bit of a shame, so I may use it to make a card in black and white or crimson and white. Watch this space but don't hold your breath, it may take me several weeks to get there.

Actually it may take a while anyway because we are off to my sister in Hereford for a bit of convalescence for the man so I will be absent from my worktop for at least one week and maybe two. I will try to drop in to visit friends on WOYWW before I get back but probably won't be posting.
It has been suggested that I take some card making stuff to Susie's but that always leaves me struggling to decide what to take and what not to take so I might have a complete break from card making for two weeks when I will be desperate to create lots.
I will take some crochet and lots of books so will have plenty to occupy my time. 

Thanks for visiting