Wednesday, 24 July 2013


Yesterday I was cheated. BBC weather told us we would have thunderstorms and torrential rain by the afternoon, so I was out in the garden at the crack of ..................... 9 o'clock. I planted new plants, moved old ones, soaked them all, did some serious weeding, picked soft fruit so it wouldn't be damaged by the heavy rain and then went in for breakfast at 11.30 feeling very virtuous, and confident that new and old plants would be well watered again later in the day. Four o'clock came and I looked at the weather forecast and Manchester got all our rain!!!! This is Wales for goodness sake, we always get more rain than the rest of GB , but the forecast just showed the rain all over the east of the country for the next few days.
I want my licence money back!!!

After my breakfast, for various personal reasons, I was feeling very low and had a whinge to that wonderful Shaz in Oz who sent me a very encouraging email, so I went on her blog Calligraphy cards and looked at her entry for July 20th and thought 'I have some Pan Pastels lurking in my cupboard, I could make a feeble attempt at creating something nowhere near as beautiful as she had',  so I dragged them out of the cupboard, and that is what you can see on my worktop.
I have pushed that bit of lilac coloured card, already cut, around for weeks and then having pulled out the Pan Pastel thought I could make a backing sheet for it and found the picture while finding room on the desk. Unfortunately, I don't have very many colours in pan pastels and somehow managed to order myself some more. Also realised that I don't have any 4 x 6 backing stamps so I ordered some of those, it gets expensive trying something to use what I already have in the cupboard!!
This other picture is a card I have half made and can't decide what to do next. Not even sure it works at all. I got the die, Spellbinders nestabilities. Elegant labels 4 before hubby went into hospital and just played with it on the lilac and the pink card, the stamping was already on the pink card so I teamed it with black but have got stuck now, and you, fellow WOYWWers, can have the pleasure of telling me it is rubbish if you think so.
Well I'd better get this on line at the wonderful Julia's party at Stamping Ground or none of you will have the opportunity to be critical or otherwise about it.
Happy Wednesday all.


Jackie said...

I hope you're feeling brighter today
I think we've all done that at some time trying something new need this need that....... Hope you enjoyed using the pan pastels they are a great medium and I've used mine a lot over the last 12 months
Jackie 72

Claudia N. said...

Thanks for your lovely visit, Chris! :)

I would LOVE to have some rain over here too... it has been way too hot for way too long now. One cannot spend the whole day lying or floating around in the Danube river...

Your card looks great. I am such a messy crafter - I never manage to do a card without having any fingerprints on it somewhere... ;)

Have a wonderful workdesk wednesday (and some rain soon)!

die amelie xx

PS: your German is absolutely great (it's such a difficult language to learn. I am aware of that!)!!!!

Anne said...

Know what you mean! Thunderstorms forcasted but didn't arrive and so poor hubby is fetching water from the local spring, 600l every day! Then it takes up to an hour each evening for us both to water some of the garden from the water butt. The ground is soooo dry! But lovely to grow ne's own veggies and flowers! Love the card, it is always much more difficult when you have limited resources....I know from experience too! However we do the best we can and the end result should always be in the blessing and not the 'look how well I did'! Have a blessed week! #87

Mrs.D said...

Thanks for your reply.
What you didn't see, because I cleaned up before I took the photo and before hubby saw it, was that the whole of the worktop in front of the glass mat was also covered in purple Pan pastel as was the soap in the bathroom where I had washed my hands. Must remember to get my large mat out before I have another go with the pastels.
I learned German at school and on a visit when i was 16 and was pretty fluent, with a Cologne accent, but not using it, it gets forgotten. We visited Germany about 15 yers ago and I dredged up enough to get by, but like any skill if you don't use it, you lose it and I'm afraid I am losing it very quickly and that is not just the German!!!

Mrs.D said...

Jackie, I am feeling much better today. Still no rain, but have a job to do today which will keep me busy.
I am going to reorganize my die cutters. Using magnetic sheets on their own is not very successful so am intending to use them with pocket pages.
Will post a picture later when I have finshed.

glitterandglue said...

Hi Chris. Trust the man is beginning to feel better - then we can safely pop over! Haven't actually SEEN you for aeons!
Love the card - don't know what you would put on the second one, though.
Have a good week.
Margaret #32

Eliza said...

Beautiful cards and I am glad to hear you got to play with the pan pastels, art is good therapy sometimes. I have a stack of plants to plant at the moment but keep putting it off, also a few more beds to consider what to do with.

Eliza & Yoda 55

Unknown said...

Hope you are feeling better soon x It will rain believe me, I am in the North West we were cheated too - but trust me the rains will be en route now, as both my windows in the back of my car have broke and are now sat inside the doors - so no windows, which is great in the heat, but wont be so great if the torrential downpours hit.

Your cards all look great to me.

Lynda #1

john-w said...

Take heart, the cards look good to me. A little embellishment in the corners perhaps? That should finish them off nicely!

No the plans are not entirely new - just a work in progress for the last errumm months!!! We think that this version (about number 10) is the final one. Not that we have the money to do it you understand - but hey we can dream!

Hope A makes a full recovery soon, and that you don't go down with anything.

Love and blessings,

john-w #35

ddazzled71 said...

Beautiful cards, I am really loving your inspired Pan Pastel Lilac one. Wonderfully done! Happy WOYWW! Danie #72

Julia Dunnit said...

OOh no, there's no rubbish here gal! Love the big old nesty, and the colours you've chosen...a teeny sentiment on the small piece and it's beautifully done isn't it? Ah that Shaz..she's an inspiration isn't she.

Unknown said...

Your two cards are beautiful I love the softness of them and just how girlie they are. They are so so pretty
Sending hugs on WOYWW and hope you have a great week
Ria #44

Bridget Larsen said...

Well I must say you made a great effort
Bridget #23

airing cupboard crafts said...

Your cards look fab. Mi love the colour scheme you have used and the ribbing is gorgeous.

Sorry for the late visit

Laura x