Wednesday, 3 July 2013

WOYWW 213 again

Well I'm running late today, It is this 'trying to stop hubby doing too much when he is convalescing' that has delayed me. Today it involved mowing the lawn as he was mithering about it. Actually 'lawn' is a very superior name for a patch of grass that is less than 2 square yards. However while a neighbour has been manfully mowing the grass in the orchard while we have been away, and once since we got back, the 'lawn' has escaped his notice, being the other side of the house and it was at least 8" high. So I had to go out there with the strimmer, was told off for plugging it in in the wrong place, told off for getting grass in the pond, told off for stopping because my hand hurt and then he took it off me and said  'Actually I can do that without any problems' and did the last square foot on his own. Don't quite know why I bothered.

I have a couple of pictures to show you, the first is of an orchid that Margaret gave us some time ago. It started flowering for the second time just before we went away and we thought that we would miss it as we didn't know how long we were going to be down at the hospital, but it just goes on and on producing more flowers. Isn't God's creation wonderful? I doesn't normally live on the floor in front of a kitchen cupboard but I was struggling to find a place where I could get the right light for a good picture of it.
 I had problems also with light for my worktop this morning so I am afraid the first one is very arranged to give you the best images and the second one is from the other direction showing the clutter that was 'right swept' to make room for the cards to be displayed.
The blue card at the back is a wedding anniversary card for my sister in Holland, the other two are just playing pieces with new dies I bought. The white piece at the front is the card from which I cut the flourish that is on the greeny card on the right. I was going to throw it but felt that that was a bit of a shame, so I may use it to make a card in black and white or crimson and white. Watch this space but don't hold your breath, it may take me several weeks to get there.

Actually it may take a while anyway because we are off to my sister in Hereford for a bit of convalescence for the man so I will be absent from my worktop for at least one week and maybe two. I will try to drop in to visit friends on WOYWW before I get back but probably won't be posting.
It has been suggested that I take some card making stuff to Susie's but that always leaves me struggling to decide what to take and what not to take so I might have a complete break from card making for two weeks when I will be desperate to create lots.
I will take some crochet and lots of books so will have plenty to occupy my time. 

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Jackie said...

You made me laugh reading about strimming the lawn
Hope you get on with the crochet while away maybe just take a few stamped images and do some colouring
Jackie 38

Mrs.D said...

Actually Jackie, that is a good idea. I don't seem to get much colouring done at home, my worktop is not very suitable as I stand up most of the time. Will think about that and either stamp some images or print some digi images for Christmas cards.
Good idea.

Monique said...

Those are lovely cards.
Happy WOYWW and I wish you a lovely week.
xx Monique #74

Anonymous said...

I use the waste from punches and dies quite a bit, you can make some lovely "reverse" type cards from them. I agree with Jackie, just take some stamped images and some pens or pencils with you to Holland, that way you can practise colouring and use some of those stamps you said you have a lot of!! Hope your Hubby continues to recover, my husband is from Cambridge, Papworth is a good hospital, Addenbrookes isn't that great to be honest (I'm being kind here, never know who reads blogs!!). Have a great trip.

Brenda 1

Belinda Basson said...

Love the anniversary card and travel safe, we will see you on your return! Hopefully this time all the lawn will be mowed... #49

Anne said...

Chris I am so very sorry! We have been praying for Adrian for a speedy recovery and to be fit and healthy and look at the problems it's now caused you!!!!!!! Well God is indeed merciful, gracious and good and I'm so happy Adrian is up and about! Your cards are lovely and the orchid is gorgeous. I always wonder at God's amazing creation. Hubby has just written another butterfly article for Creation Ministries International on how some butterflies live in such a cold climate they make antifreeze....! Only God can design this! Enjoy your time away and I hope Adrian does as he is told....honestly, miracles DO happen.....Happy WOYWW! #34

Jean said...

What lovely flourishes--I do hope you use the reverse version as well. :) Hope you have a good trip and your husband gets better...
Jean 8

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

ah how clever is that the LORD's creation is simply mind blowing wodnerful orchid of Margaret's that is for sure Chris ..

.... funny isn't it we begin to feel we know each other more each week as we peep into one another's places.. that's what make it so nice..

...and yes pray journey mercies for you too and keep the man out of mischief to recover well.

I love your cards and just bought that leaf swirl die on my desk in far corner too could not really see it, love it too.
You can cut pieces of and not use the whole on work too as see a friend doing that.

thanks for popping over and happy WOYWW Shaz in z.x #36

Eliza said...

So glad to hear that Mr D is doing well now after his surgery. Men are incorrigible sometimes and just have to do these things for themselves. On the bright side it goes to show he is doing far better than you thought. Have a great holiday with your sister you deserve it.

Eliza & Yoda 81

Unknown said...

my heart goes out to you regarding the cutting of the grass, men are sent to try us at times.
Your card are really pretty and I love the colours that you have use
Happy WOYWW enjoy the rest of your week
Ria #52

Mrs.D said...

Thanks Ria. Men really are sent to try us, we can't live without them and it is sometimes extremely hard living with them.

Cazzy said...

Hi Chris, sounds like a typical man to me! The orchid is gorgeous! My son and DIL gave me one on their wedding day and it fell over and snapped off a few weeks later so that was the end of that! I like your die cutting, that is a pretty die.

I don't know why (well I do it was blogger) I thought I was 113, so went and visited all the 3s and told them I was 113. Someone told me I am 136 - so I am whoops, so I am starting over on the 6s, not sure how far I will get!

Cazzy x #136

Mrs.D said...

Thanks Cazzy,
I get very confused with the numbers. I put up your link and it come up with a number and then next time I go in and ther number has changed or the link has disapeared completely, only to reappear ten minutes later, but at least they are there and we can visit everyones blog courtesy of the wonderful Julia, so mustn't complain too much.

Neet said...

Men! Hope he is doing alright despite his manly actions LOL.
Love that orchid. I got one bought a while ago and was thrilled to find 6 buds on it - until I saw yours that is.
Sorry I am so late - I've just been prioritising my class prep - hope I am forgiven.
Thanks so much for visiting me, I will try to do better next week.
Hugs, Neet xx