Wednesday, 22 March 2017



Well as usual my desk is so messy that I haven't shown you the bulk of it, just the working part.
Trying to keep it tidy is just beyond me, so I'll just share what I am at at the moment.
On the left you can see my box of inks, the dewdrop inks, I like those for stamping. Behind the box are some dies from China that haven't been put away yet, I think they have only been there for about three weeks. To the right of the box is a card I started making and reached 'Not sure what to do next stage' so it will join the box of 'unfinished symphonies' until I have further inspiration.
On the right front corner of the glass mat is something I have working on for a swap, so had to cover it with the glue before I took the pic, and then on the extreme right is a card I was playing with and was please with the result until I realised that I got water on it and there is a smudge in the top left corner. More inspiration needed to work out how I conceal that.
So why am I telling you this, because it is 'What's on Your Worktop Wednesday' hosted by the wonderful Julia at her Stamping ground. where we willing expose our crafty desks so that others can snoop at them, but more than than, we make good friends.
Sorry I have been AWOL for a while, we have been out on our boat, and while I do manage some craft work there, internet access for blogging is not always brilliant, and the time available for replying to comments is even more limited, too many locks to do!  As I haven't managed to share much craft with you recently, I will let you see where I have been over the past couple of weeks.
 Sunset over the Shropshire Union canal and

a spring morning on Shropshire Union canal.
And if you don't know what a lock is,
this is the type of lock that has to worked by hand and you can see the next one in the near distance too, and there are a lot of them on some stretches or the system
Thank you for visiting, I will try to reply to all your lovely comments.
and have a wonderful Wednesday.