Wednesday, 8 April 2020


Hi lovelies,
How is everyone coping with 'house arrest'?
This was my desk yesterday afternoon! I finished all the Easter cards and thought I would completely clear everything before sorting drawers and tackling a Space/Star wars themed 50th birthday card, anyone gone any ideas?

 And these are all the Easter cards I made, I don't usually send them, but somehow I felt it was appropriate this year.

 When not making cards, mending, gardening etc, I have found time for permitted exercise,  dodging the crowds!  this is probably 400 yards from home, across the ploughed field to the left.

You are receiving this exciting opportunity to read my rubbish due to the wonderful hosting of  Madame Julia  , do go and visit to see more craft filled blogs.
Thank you for reading my drivel and I will try to respond to your comments.
Have a good day and keep sane in these difficult times. 

Wednesday, 1 April 2020


Morning all.
Sorry this is not going to be my desk, but this is a very brief post to show you the finish card for my nephew.

 And a card for my great niece.


 And because I know other Woywwer have liked seeing my cat, here's Flottie finding a cosy spot..
After I took that picture,  I was ashamed of all the paperwork that has somehow been dumped, so I moved it all, It is now in a tidy pile ..................
Dumped somewhere else!!,
Well why am I sharing, to join in the community on Julia's Stamping ground 
 Do pop over and see some more crafty desks.

Sorry Woywwers that I wasn't very responsive last week,  I will try harder this week
Bless you all