Wednesday, 26 July 2017


Well I was determined to blog this week, and first can I say thanks for all the kind messages via Margaret last week. We really are on the move, craft stuff all packed away, either in Margaret's attic, on the boat or ready to go into storage with the rest  of our furniture until we find our mansion by the canal, or at least a nice house.
So my worktop as it was on Monday, completely clear, apart from the glass mat, which I want removal men to take extra care of.

And I have scrubbed the surface clean, all the glue and paint and other gunk that missed the mat and stuck to the surface, all removed.
Initially we will be living on board the boat, and then, for about 6 weeks, in a caravan while the boat is out of the water for a repaint. During this time we will be house hunting, but we are very particular in what we want. Detached house or bungalow, 3 or more bedrooms, WITH A CANAL MOORING. That is absolutely essential, and properties with moorings are not quite as rare as hen's teeth, but very nearly. There are certainly not many on the market.
In order to be ready for the move, I have made sure I had made all the cards I need until the beginning of October, so here are a few of them.
For my daughter and son in law.

For a friend.
Ooooppps sorry about my feet.

For OH's uncle who is 95 in August    

I was going to share a couple more but Blogger is misbehaving badly, and won't let me.
So thank you for visiting my blog, and thank you Julia for hosting this extravaganza of craftiness.

As we are moving on August 3rd, I maybe rather busy tomorrow, but will try to get back to any lovely soul who comments,
Bless you all