Wednesday, 20 July 2016


Hello lovely readers and welcome to WOYWW, or What's on my Worktop Wednesday, and for those who have no idea what I am talking about, go over to the wonderful Julia's Stamping ground. 
Talking of Julia, a big WELCOME BACK, we have missed you so much and we are so pleased to have you back. Not that Jan hasn't done a brilliant job as an understudy, but the star is the lady we all want in the starring role

 So to the business of the day.
As we are still on the boat, this was the dining
table yesterday where I was making a couple of cards.  A birthday card for my niece and a wedding anniversary card for my sister.
It was quite dark unfortunately, we spent the whole day moored under trees because it was so warm, which kept the temperature bearable, but meant it was not very light for making cards.

Being on the boat means that I have to clear away my stuff every time we want a meal, and all my stuff is stored in two drawers and I have to get out everything to find what I need, as a result I don't manage to get much done, however I did make a wedding card last week, before we hired a car and drove all the way back to Wales for the wedding.



We are moored near Roydon in Hertfordshire, which is very beautiful, and in spite of the train line being fairly close, the trees muffle the sound of the trains quite well.
We are heading up to Bishop's Stortford on Thursday and then slowly back through London and then working our way north towards Cheshire.

Well that's all from me for now, have a lovely WOYWW day.
I love reading all your comments, and will try to get back to you, internet access on the canals permitting,
Bless you for visiting