Wednesday, 7 November 2018


Well Wednesday has taken me by surprise again!
 I took a picture on Monday evening,  thinking it was Tuesday, realised it wasn't and forgot all about WOYWW.
Suddenly it is Wednesday morning and I haven't blogged.
Margaret came and stayed for a week and spent hours helping me sort dies and stamps and I thought I could show you a tidy organised work room with a productive desk, but the tidied, sorted stuff is out of sight and the desk is still a muddle.
As you can see I have been making Christmas cards,  and at the front,  a card for a friend whose Mum died earlier in the week. 
For more interesting and desks,  visit the Queen of Deskers atThe Stamping Ground.
Bless you for visiting my desk and any nice comments you leave.

Wednesday, 12 September 2018


We've got BROADBAND!!!!! At last.

 "Didn't we have a lovely time
The day we went to....... Llandudno!"
Sorry it doesn't scan as well as Bangor does, but it was still in lovely Welsh Wales.

We went to the Crop,  I took these with me

And I brought these home,

And these
I took some pictures,  this was fun,

Ladies taking pictures of the gentlemen who attended with their wives, from the left, Shaz, Neet, Jan, Christine,  Margaret, Chris, Elizabeth and Sarah.
And I'm sorry I can't seem to get any other pics to upload.

And then Margaret and Shaz travelled all across England and we had a meet with Angela, from "Felix the crafty cat"
I'm sure the others who were there will have uploaded lots of pics, go to Julia's 
and have a snoop.
Thanks for visiting,  I will try to get back to you, but it won't be until the weekend as we have visitors arriving shortly, and I am no where near ready for them.

Wednesday, 5 September 2018


Wednesday is here again, desk snooping begin, so after you have looked at my desk, pop over Julia's Stamping Ground,   there you can see lots of crafty desks.

So my desk is a mess, I have been preparing ATCs for the crop this weekend, you can see a nice pile of completed ones at the back and one I didn't like centre front. Not going to finish that one, but out of sight are a couple I should get finished tomorrow to be sure of having enough.On extreme right cup of cold green tea, new brand to me and it was not nice, won't buy that one again.
We still don't have broadband!!! Long story, getting longer, complaint submitted and completely ignored, another one being prepared when I have the time.
We are off to North Wales first thing Thursday,  so I can't be sure I can make visits or return them until we are home on Sunday or even Monday, but thank you for making time to read my rubbish.
Bless you and have  great day

Wednesday, 15 August 2018


Wednesday is here again, another chance to visit Madame Julia.  From her desk you can blog hop to loads of crafty desks and even share your own.
So my desk, late Tuesday evening.
At the back, the results of getting very messy with shaving foam, centre front is the making of a Christmas card and on the left is a card I made with one of the sentiments I showed you last week.

Those of you who dropped by at my desk last week may remember that rather superiorly I said the "estate" had kept me busy, so I thought I'd share some picture of said estate. Sorry Julia it is very picture heavy.
 Coming through the huge steel gate.
 Showing the parking area.
 East end of the house
 The front of the house
 The boat moored outside the front, one of the reasons we bought the house.
 Round the West end of the house, the outside bathroom, toilet and shower!
 The park home!
 The "barge" tower, estate didn't know what else to call it, but we think it was built in the 50's, probably as some kind of studio.
 The gate at the end of the estate.

 The mooring, 120m, enough for 6 boats, may be some income there.
 This is the kitchen from the backdoor
And this is the kitchen from the other end, all 34ft long, and when we moved in, all one room. Far too big so we built the library.
Last week I said we had been slaving in the garden, this is what we had to dig out and prepare for concreting, and this is what it looks like now.

So that's me for another week,  and no we still don't have broadband,  but complaint is written, just waiting for the "Man" to read it, correct it and then BT will get lambasted.
Bless you  for dropping by,  and I will do my very best to get back to you all.

Wednesday, 8 August 2018


So here we are again, sharing our crafty desks with anyone who visits our wonderful host Julia at her Stamping Ground.
So my desk

Nothing like as productive as last week as we have been rather busy round the new "estate"! I spend nearly two solid days scraping wall paper in the park home, then there was some urgent plumbing and propping up a lean to to prevent it collapsing and then Tuesday morning, OH announced that he had ordered ballast and concrete mixer to be delivered on Wednesday and we hadn't prepared the ground by the shed for a new path, so most of Tuesday was spent clearing the site and filling a trailer with rubble and a bin full of nettles. And gathering a lot of aching muscles and several bruises in the process!
However I did just manage a birthday card for OH's 96 year old uncle,  and a couple of Christmas cards.

I did also have had time to play a little. A few weeks ago I played with some alcohol inks and decided that I didn't really like the finished item for a board, so decided to see what happened if I die cut some sentiments from it, they are rather interesting and unusual. 
With luck I might get a chance to do something with before next Wednesday.
Thanks for reading my drivel and have a great WOYWW.
Oh, and we still don't have broadband, and I haven't even managed to get to speak to someone at BT to issue an ultimatum, just two automated promises of call backs, which didn't happen!

Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Wednesday, 1 August 2018


August is here, and Christmas is fast approaching!
Last week I showed you a pile of Christmas card bits, so this is what is on my desk Tuesday evening!

That is thirteen finished cards, and there  at least 4 more part done, and all using stuff from the pile, which sadly still looks the same size. However, the hierarchy of waste management acknowledges that once the reuse option has been exhausted, recycling, in this case in the paper bin, is still acceptably environmentally satisfactory,  so  I think I need to be strong and dispose of it, and I can start using the new Christmas dies and stamps I have bought, with a clear conscience.  
We still haven't got broadband,  BT/OpenReach have not contacted us for 10 days now, I contacted Which legal team, but as I haven't paid any money, it seems a contract does not really exist, so they haven't broken a contract, and as they have a monopoly of provision of lines,  we can't go elsewhere. Sooner or later it might get to a complaint to Ofcom.
Well that's me this week, thanks for dropping by, sorry I can't provide a cuppa for visitors, doesn't work on the "ether".
If you want to see more crafty desks, nip over too our host Julia. 
Bless you for coming

Wednesday, 25 July 2018


Another week gone by, and far too fast for my liking.
A week in we which travelled back to North Wales for the funeral of a lovely Godly lady, who died far too young. She was one of those people who was always a presence in a room, and she will leave a very large hole in the world. It was very traumatic to see her children and her husband talk about her at the church in front of around 200 people, although clearly nowhere near as traumatic as it was for them. On Friday we travelled home, taking 6 hours over what should have been a three hour one.
On Saturday I  finished the card which was on my desk last week, for my sister who's anniversary was on Monday! Late again!

So my desk, picture taken Tuesday evening.
What you can mainly see is a pile of bits for making Christmas cards. Over the years I seem to have accumulated a lot of bits, toppers, sentiments, embellishments,  and I have promised myself that I will use up lots of them this year, so I can do something new next year. We also need to get cards out very early to make sure people have our new aďdress.
If you want to see more interesting desks, go to our wonderful host Julia at her Stamping Ground  where you can find links to lots of desks to snoop at
When that's all from me, Happy WOYWW and thanks for visiting

Wednesday, 18 July 2018


Morning Deskers,

A brief post this morning,  I wasn't going to do one, but Margaret asked me if I could. She asked me to, because she won't be able to,  she is in Essex, I  think, picking up Marian's mother in law, to take her to North Wales for Marian's funeral tomorrow,  and as soon as we have parked the cat at the cattery, we will also be on tne road, so I will not be able to make prompt responses to any visits.
So a brief pic of the desk,

 So what you can see, is on the left, the beginnings of some Christmas cards, in the centre some Martha Stewart punches I am selling on Facebook and on the right, the makings of an anniversary card for my sister.

This is the version of the same design I made for my daughter, as the picture does not do justice to it, it is in a soft mushroom colour with cream.
Well I must post this or you will never see it, and if anyone is reading this and wonders why I am doing "the full monty" with my desk, pop over to, can't get a link.

Well I must post this or you will never get to see it
Bless you for visiting, 

Wednesday, 4 July 2018


Hi desk surfers, I am determined to get a post up today, and will do my utmost to visit as many desks as our limited WiFi allows! Yes we've been in the house 8 weeks now and BT/OpenReach are still not able to get their act together to get us a phone line and Broadband, despite the fact that there is a telegraph poles on our land by our back gate and an inspection cover over the fibre conduit, also on our land!
What I do have however, is a craft room, not very organised yet, but this what what it looked like last week

And this is what it look like now. Nearly everything in a drawer or on a shelf, but it definitely lacks organisation!

There you can almost see some work in progress.  One bag containing handmade toppers, and the other one containing 'almost toppers', ready to make some, sadly urgently needed,  sympathy cards. I seem to have used rather a lot recently! 😢
If you don't understand why I am "baring all" so to speak, visit the amazing Julia at At The Stamping Ground.

That's all for now, Happy WOYWW and thanks for reading my drivel!
Bless you

Wednesday, 23 May 2018

W9WTW 468

Hi everyone and welcome to WOYWWs 9th Anniversary.
I'm afraid I still haven't managed to get anywhere near anything resembling craft,  so I have no ATCs to swap, which is rather frustrating,  because I had such great plans.
However, this was what Mr D  and I tackled yesterday,

And this is what it looked like at the end of the day.
So we are making progress but there is still a long way to go, and once again, as we still don't have a phone line and broadband,  I cannot promise to get back to you, if you visit, but I do appreciate your lovely comments.
If you are wondering why I am blathering on about my Worktop on Wednesday, especially as mine is non-existence, please visit, Julia, the desk Deva at The Stamping Ground , where everything wiĺ be made clear, and you will find links to real crafty desks.
Meantime Deskers, have a wonderful WOYWW anniversary, and I'll go back to clearing grass!
Bless you

Wednesday, 16 May 2018


Well, another week has passed and my craft room has changed significantly,  but sadly not in any way conducive to crafting.
It is likely to be many weeks before any crafting is done in there.
The furniture and boxes arrived early last Wednesday, closely followed by Margaret who spent the next 5 days unpacking, unpacking and more unpacking. She is an absolute star.
Monday morning she escaped leaving us to go to Ikea and spend money on bookcases and wardrobes. 
However we do now have a working range cooker

And a jazzy new fridge!
Well if i don't finish this, you lovely peeps won't get to read it.
Many thanks as usual to our wonderful host Julia,
Do pop over and see some real crafty desks.
Thanks for visiting,  and once again,  I cannot promise to return your visit,  not until we have exhausted our pile of boxes, but bless you for all your kind comments.

Wednesday, 9 May 2018


Just a short post to let you know that we are in our house, at last, in a village near Lincoln!!!
If you have stumbled on this blog hoping to see some craft stuff, just pop over to our wonderful host Julia  

This will be my craft room, when the furniture arrives today! And is unpacked and sorted !
Contents of a five bedroom house into a three bedroom house! When we unpack everything and I have some leisure time to do craft instead of unpacking,  this will be the view from the craft room window, probably around about July!

Margaret is arriving Wednesday, after the furniture, with some of hubby's big tools which have been resting in her garage since last August. She is staying a few days to help unpack before she heads back to Wales for a rest.
Thank you very much for visiting and reading, and leaving comments, however I imagine I will far too busy trying to make order out of chaos to return visits.
Bless you

Wednesday, 28 February 2018


Morning all, just a very short post this snowy morning.
Yes I do have an active desk as I type.
Just doing a bit of stamping because we have nothing else to do as we are snowed in, actually not quite true, but too cold to move, at Market Drayton.
If you don't know why I am sharing my desk, visit The Stamping Ground 
and all  will be explained. 
Thank you for dropping by, I will get back to you sometime.
Have a great day

Wednesday, 14 February 2018


Hi lovely Woywwers, it is ages since I posted, mainly because I have had very little to post, certainly nothing on a worktop on Wednesday. If you are a new visitor to my blog, and have no idea what WOYWW is, please visit the wonderful Julia .
However, I did manage to get access to the dining room table to make a Valentine card for OH on Monday, so I decided I would cheat a bit and show you the making of that.
I had lots of fun with my Pan Pastels making the blue master board, and doing the die cutting whilst he was out, and then I was struggling desperately to assemble it with himself in the room.
You can see, sort of centre, the makings of a birthday card for my grandson, that I had to use as cover for the Valentine's card, every time OH came near the table.

Here you can see both finished item.

(One day I will find out how to make a collage of the pictures so that there isn't so much blank space)
As you can tell from the dining room table, we are still at my daughter's in Doncaster, still waiting for solicitors and our seller to fill in paperwork. Biggest problem remains the issue of the septic tank, whether it complies with regulations.  We had hope to move straight from here, but unless we have something definite by the beginning of next week,  we will be back on the boat by Wednesday.
Thanks for visiting and making lovely comments,  I will return visits but it may not be today.
Bless you all