Wednesday, 24 February 2016


Happy Wednesday everyone.

I haven't managed to blog since before Christmas so today I will make time to post today and show you what is on my worktop this week. And guess what, at tea time on Tuesday it looks very similar to what you have seen on my desk in many of my previous posts on WOYWW hosted by the wonderful Julia. To see other more appealing desks to go over to her website at The Stamping Ground
Just as messy and chaotic as ever, in fact I could probably use an old picture and you would never known.
On the mat is a card I am making for a swap, but I can't show you it in detail as the lady who will, hopefully, receive it on Thursday morning sometimes posts her desk on here, and it would be unfair if she sees on here before having it in her hand. If I manage to blog next week I will show you the finished article.
Instead I will show you a couple of recent makes, the first a Silver wedding card for my sister.

I don't think the picture does it justice, all the silver reflects the light and makes it hard to see some details.

And this one I did for a neighbour's 60th.
 It was fun to do this one, once I had mastered the technique of getting the cascade card working and threw away the bit I prepared beautifully then messed up because I didn't concentrate on what I was doing.

Well that is all for me, I will try to visit lots of desks and I will certainly visit if you leave a comment.
Thank you so much for popping by