Wednesday, 29 January 2014


Well my worktop today is very busy,  or a bit of a mess, depends on your point of view.
I've been away for over a week, and when I got home the priority was clearing everything out of my study so that I could have a new carpet laid this afternoon so I had done no crafting for more than 10 days. As a result I was getting withdrawal symptoms so have done a lot of playing today, and pulling lots of things out of the cupboards.
 Here I have the ink pad drawer out because my New Year's resolution was to do more stamping this year.I am not very good at it, so tend buy lots of nice stamps but avoid using them because I don't like spending time on things only to have unusable results. So in 2014 I am going to practice and get better and enjoy using all those lovely stamps
 This shows the worktop from the other end with lots of mini ink pads, a couple of stamps and right at the front are some stamped flowers drying before I can colour them.

 So a full frontal of the desk  shows those stamped flowers more clearly, and the other thing I was playing with, which was masks and sparkle medium.  The mask on the left and the piece I did with it back right, and a butterfly at the front left.

And,...... drumroll...... here is my final stamped card! I am rather pleased with the result, I will do more stamping.
And if you have just randomly arrived at this page and are wondering why I am wittering about my desk,  click on the link and you can visit Madame Julia and there you can find links to peruse a hundred or so more desks.
Have fun people
Blessing to you

Wednesday, 15 January 2014


Well what a mess my desk is today. Not much has been happening over the last few days even though it should have been.  A half day of extreme gardening last Friday left me with a very sore finger and painful back. So all those cards I needed to do before I go away on Thursday are still only part done.   I do have another small excuse for  the chaos. Like all true crafters  I am ridiculously excited by the silliest additions to my craft arrangements. On Monday hubby put  a shelf in the cupboard. 
Only been requesting it for about 3 years but it has made a huge amount of difference to the storage potential and so things have had to be rearranged,  and different boxes sourced to make the best use of the extra space.  Behind my Big shot I now have embossing folders altogether and dies are on the right in the transparent box. And there is still room for more. Yeah!
 So a closer look at the desk.
A new butterfly embossing folder on the left, another elephant card for a little girl, the beginnings of a card for a friend whose birthday is Saturday and two almost finished cards for posting before we go away. 

Happy WOYWW everyone.

Wednesday, 8 January 2014


Well Happy New Year everyone, hope you all had as good a time as we did. 4 days in Germany, a masked ball on New Year's Eve and a cold to bring home as a souvenir.
It was suggested that we did fancy dress as well, but gettting the masks and the posh frock and DJ there was enough for us, and no one else wore fancy dress so it didn't matter.
I did have some more pics of the holiday, but they are on my phone and the battery is almost flat.

So what is on my worktop today?
Well unfortunately my worktop contains several bereavement cards, three of them and a birthday card,  and I have another two bereavement cards to make in the morning.
At the back you can see a pink elephant, no I haven't been at the juice, tempting though it might be, well I have a bit but not that much. Pink elephant was a template for a birthday card for a one year old.

You can see elephant better here and some die cutters I was using to make cards. I particularly like the corner cutter but didn't realise that it cut the mesh but didn't cut out the piece as well, but it wasn't difficult to cut out the shape.
There is also a set of Sizzix border dies which are also some of my favourites at present.
If by any chance you're wondering what I am on about and why this post is called WOYWW, pop over to Madame Julia who hosts this wonderful forum, open to anyone, when we can snoop at other crafters worktops and see how wonderful their creations seem to be compared to our feeble efforts, but it encourages us all being part of the 'family' who visit most Wednesdays.

Well I must be off, cards to make, ironing to do, brute to feed and the hairdresser is coming to try and make my hair look less like a bad wig and more like normal hair. Miracle worker she will need to be.

Bless you all and hope 2014 will be good for you.