Wednesday, 18 September 2019


Hi lovely  people, well I am determined to post this week, I've been away for so long. So  often I  reached Tuesday evening and don't have a picture,  and as I have said before,  the down side of having a separate studio is that it is not so easy to nip to my desk to take a pic at midnight,although  however today I remember so I'll wade straight in with the desk.

Tuesday afternoon,  with 8 Christmas cards done yesterday and the blue box containing 80 more cards, all carefully posed so it looks good. Also at the back, a new holly die to make some more, and a plastic breaker with lemon squash in it.
Not awfully exciting,  if you want better stuff, visit our wonderful desk hostess, Julia at her stamping ground.
Thanks dropping in, and for any kind comment you chose to make, I will try to get back to you before next week's desk hop.
Bless you all