Wednesday, 23 May 2018

W9WTW 468

Hi everyone and welcome to WOYWWs 9th Anniversary.
I'm afraid I still haven't managed to get anywhere near anything resembling craft,  so I have no ATCs to swap, which is rather frustrating,  because I had such great plans.
However, this was what Mr D  and I tackled yesterday,

And this is what it looked like at the end of the day.
So we are making progress but there is still a long way to go, and once again, as we still don't have a phone line and broadband,  I cannot promise to get back to you, if you visit, but I do appreciate your lovely comments.
If you are wondering why I am blathering on about my Worktop on Wednesday, especially as mine is non-existence, please visit, Julia, the desk Deva at The Stamping Ground , where everything wiĺ be made clear, and you will find links to real crafty desks.
Meantime Deskers, have a wonderful WOYWW anniversary, and I'll go back to clearing grass!
Bless you

Wednesday, 16 May 2018


Well, another week has passed and my craft room has changed significantly,  but sadly not in any way conducive to crafting.
It is likely to be many weeks before any crafting is done in there.
The furniture and boxes arrived early last Wednesday, closely followed by Margaret who spent the next 5 days unpacking, unpacking and more unpacking. She is an absolute star.
Monday morning she escaped leaving us to go to Ikea and spend money on bookcases and wardrobes. 
However we do now have a working range cooker

And a jazzy new fridge!
Well if i don't finish this, you lovely peeps won't get to read it.
Many thanks as usual to our wonderful host Julia,
Do pop over and see some real crafty desks.
Thanks for visiting,  and once again,  I cannot promise to return your visit,  not until we have exhausted our pile of boxes, but bless you for all your kind comments.

Wednesday, 9 May 2018


Just a short post to let you know that we are in our house, at last, in a village near Lincoln!!!
If you have stumbled on this blog hoping to see some craft stuff, just pop over to our wonderful host Julia  

This will be my craft room, when the furniture arrives today! And is unpacked and sorted !
Contents of a five bedroom house into a three bedroom house! When we unpack everything and I have some leisure time to do craft instead of unpacking,  this will be the view from the craft room window, probably around about July!

Margaret is arriving Wednesday, after the furniture, with some of hubby's big tools which have been resting in her garage since last August. She is staying a few days to help unpack before she heads back to Wales for a rest.
Thank you very much for visiting and reading, and leaving comments, however I imagine I will far too busy trying to make order out of chaos to return visits.
Bless you