Saturday, 28 December 2013

Birthday goodies

Busy packing for five days on the Rhine, or near it anyway,  but thought I would just post a picture of my Birthday goodies.  Almost want to stay and play instead of going on holiday, but not quite.
Plenty of time in 2014 to play when I have had a good rest
Happy New Year all

Thursday, 26 December 2013


Well a bit late for Wednesday, so Happy Boxing day.
My worktop contains my rather limited haul of craft bits, but Birthday on Saturday so hoping for some more goodies then. Trouble is OH refused to buy me much in the way of craft stuff 'because there are cupboards full already'. Of course, but I still need new things to inspire me and the stuff in the cupboard is wonderful insulation on the outside wall!
So there are only a few distress ink, a mask and an embossing folder and at the back is a beautiful pergamano Christmas tree I was given by Margaret from Glitter and glue.

Better pic of the tree here, it is very beautiful and must now go back downstairs and take pride of place on the mantelpiece.
On the right of the main pic are two masks for the masked ball we are going to on New Year's Eve in Remagen in Germany, at the end of a five day holiday, so won't be here next week so will wish you all a Happy New Year now, and then go and make turkey soup.
PS if you have just arrived at this page and are wondering who 'all' means, just pop over to Julia and look at all the desktops on show there and you will see who the 'all' are, my wonderful WOYWWer friends.

Wednesday, 18 December 2013


Well having been away delivering pressies to daughter and family in Cardiff. The doll house is now under wraps in their garage and we have our dining room free for Christmas day. However having been away,  the work top has nothing exciting on it except clutter.

So for a bit of interest I'll show you a card I made for a friend, carefully edited to remove any identifying detail like his full name under the train.

Anyway as my desk is so uninteresting I suggest you pop over to Julia's party where you can probably see lots of more interesting desktops than mine. 
Happy Christmas to you all

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

WOYWW 236 again

I'm sure this is cheating and headmistress Julia will tell me off, but for all those who were stunned to see my worktop clean and clear at 8 am this morning, it didn't stay like that for long. As some of you said, it is a wonderful wrapping space. By three this afternoon this was the scene, it is improved a bit but still more pressies to wrap, but now waiting on the Post Office for deliveries.
So a double WOYWW from me this week, but this one's not poetic.
Thanks for visiting


with apologies to Pam Ayers

The cardmaking frenzy is over,
They're all finished just in time
There's tall ones and short ones and square ones,
And some have a corny rhyme.

So I've put away the glitter, 
And I've tidied up the glue,
The holly dies are neatly filed,
The festive paper too

The Christmas stamps all cleaned, 
Are organised is their store,
And the inkpads, gold and silver
Stacked neatly in their drawer.

The Christmas box is back again, 
beneath the spare room bed,
I've finished all the Christmas cards
I'm ready for my bed.

So that is why there is nothing on my desktop today, except of course the picture was taken Tuesday evening and by Wednesday lunch time it will be covered in wrapping paper, and string. 

Welcome dear surfer if you have arrived at this page by accident, please feel free to read and comment and visit other desks at Julia's

Wednesday, 4 December 2013


Oh the days are flying by and I am nowhere near ready for Christmas. Still more cards to make and pressies to buy and
We were away from Sunday until late Tuesday, visiting an elderly uncle of OH, nearly 300 miles from home, so no crafting done for several days, therefore my worktop has a few scraps of play, nothing really exciting.
A tree made from aged paper and the start of a card made by inking the inside of an embossing folder, done in a hurry and not done very well.
Downstairs in the hall, however, is 'dolls house' that OH has made, mentioned last week, it is 1/6th size, designed originally for Sindy dolls, but I think my grandson will have teddies in it.

Two weeks ago I offered a Christmas pudding as a giveaway for any of those folk who are not familiar with the concept of British Christmas pud, and Sandysewin was the name I picked. I am still trying to get PO to clarify if my offer was made in vain or whether I can send to USA, but I will do my best.
If you have just caught this blog by chance and wonder what it is all about, pop over to Julia's and you will be able to snoop on far more interesting worktops and blogs than mine is.
Must rush.