Wednesday, 24 April 2013


Well this is not going to be much of an entry because life seems to be so busy. Retirement is such hard work. When you struggling to get into work each day and you dream of retirement and having all the time in the world, but when you get there, you lack the structure of working schedules so you think 'I have plenty of time, I'll just enjoy sitting down with my breakfast and relax' and suddenly it is lunchtime and you have done nothing with your day at all. Throw hospital appointments into the mix, as you get older they get more frequent, and you have lost even more time.
So this week we have been all the way from North Wales to Sheffield for a hospital appointment for the man, effectively two whole days worth, we stayed with our daughter in Doncaster on Sunday night, so yesterday I was still finishing the 70th birthday card which has to be taken away with us tomorrow. It is actually finished and on my worktop with loads of junk and a couple of other cards I had to have done by today.
I am quite pleased with it, although there wasn't room for her children as well on the front, it would have become messy.
The card at the bottom is for my son in law and this is a better picture of it.

The five star Tech Support reference is because he spent nearly 5 hours on Sunday evening helping us sort out our new phones and tablets so that we could sync calendars and get apps and use them for the purposed which we had bought them.
He really is wonderful at Tech support, formerly a rocket scientist and now a vicar.
Must stop now, going to Netherlands for the 70th birthday party tomorrow and not got anywhere near finished packing.

Wednesday, 17 April 2013


Well I am cross. I wrote half a page of stuff, previewed, tried to correct spellings and the whole lot disappeared, so this is the mark 2 version, which is never as good as the first version.
This won't be a picture of my worktop because it is still laden with the stuff we brought back from holiday, a pile of clothes to be ironed and not a lot else. 
It should however have had on it the card I am planning for my sister's 70th at the end of the month, but I wanted to do a collage of her interests, singing, her garden, caravanning, grandchildren etc, but I spent most of the morning trawling through pictures both electronic and paper and realised that I have very little that is suitable for the purpose. All I have achieved so far is a picture of their caravan and a disgruntled hubby asking 'What have you been doing all day?' 
I still have a week in which so have emailed my niece and hope she will come up trumps with some good pics and with luck I will have it all finished and on my worktop next Wednesday. Meantime I will put up a picture of the last 70th card I made.
This was an easy one to do because I only knew her as a ballroom dancer, but can't claim that much ignorance about my sister.
Well now I am doubly cross because having posted this, I found the original one in drafts, but I am not changing it now.

Wednesday, 3 April 2013


Well we are away on our holiday, and the weather has been pretty awful.  Boating in a blizzard is  not my idea fun.
My desktop is just the table on the boat, and the card, I hope I can get the pic on here, is a wedding anniversary card for hubby for Friday.
Hurrah it worked.
And this is picture of theexciting part of Birmingham we are going through.
Gosh, it is not easy doing a blog on a 7in tab.