Thursday, 27 June 2013


Well having just managed to find some time to do a bit more visiting on WOYWW, I discover the wonderful Mrs Dunnit has managed to confuse me. She posted WOYWW 213 yesterday so I followed her example and have now discovered that last week she posted 211. So next Wednesday I shall post another 213.
I'm hoping when I have finished this to have a bit of time to be adventurous about design so I hope it won't all disappear and I have to have a retype it all.
Today I had to make a card for a new baby girl and I had thought about design and materials while I was in the shower, prepared some bits and took them all off to craft club to create my planned design. Well an hour later I had quite a nice card but it was absolutely nothing like I had planned.Do other people do this? What happened to the butterflies and bow I had planned and the peachy colour is definitely not what I had intended, although the picture doesn't do the delicate salmon colour justice.
Never mind it will have to be posted tomorrow so I can't do anything different now..

Wednesday, 26 June 2013


Good morning all. Well we are home safe and sound after a 6 hour journey in the motorhome and we are trying to get back to normal. 
First of all a big thank, again, to all those who prayed, or wished us well, sent cards and generally held us in their hearts or the Lord's heart over the last three weeks. We have been overwhelmed with the love we have been showered with. It meant a lot to us that there is so much love out there, often from people we have never met and never will.
So what does 'back to normal' mean? Four loads of washing yesterday and another to go on the line in a minute and 'slowly allowing the patient to recover his strength'!!! The patient has taken himself off to the doctor this morning, there and back on the bus and probably taking to half a dozen people on the way. The patient's carer, me, has a sore throat, is still short on sleep and has 2 baskets of ironing to do and still lots of stuff to put away, and the motorhome to vacuum and clean.
As you can see, my worktop has acquired all the small amount of craft stuff I took with me, plus the bits I bought while away and some stamps and die cutters that came in the post while we were away, but no creations in sight and not likely to be until everything else that needs doing has been done..
However from our lovely campsite on the banks of the Great Ouse
I did take a picture of the Lord's continuing creation. When we arrived on June 8th she was sitting on the nest and on 20th she hatched these gorgeous little balls of fluff. I can't even attempt to make anything that wonderful.
Well the sun is shining so the next load better be put on the line and this needs to be published.
God bless you all.

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

WOYWW update

This is by way of a test because my WOYWW 211 won't post, and I wondering if that is because I editted it or because of something else.

Tuesday, 18 June 2013


 My worktop this week is a bit different from normal as I am trying to make a few Christmas cards in the motorhome whilst DH is in hospital. (This is also, of course my worktop on Tuesday, not Wednesday as no-one would get to see it at all if I waited until Wednesday to try and write this). Still the same mess my worktop always is, but rather smaller and working with a very limited amount of equipment and material. I found it very hard limiting myself to one A4 box of materials and realise that I have not included any mirror card or other card for matting and layering, nor have I any card for making other than A6 cards. I did do some retail therapy whilst himself was in hospital but that ended up with me buying stuff that I can't use here anyway, like the Xcut cutters in the background. Would have been foolish not too when they were reduced from £24.99 to £5.99, but no use to me here. Might have to do more therapy tomorrow. Unfortunately I have had to pack up everything as I wish to go to bed tonight and  those who know caravans will know that it is not possible to leave stuff out overnight in a van unless you want to sleep standing up.
 Here I must say an incredible big 'THANK YOU' to all those who have been praying and sending me messages via Margaret whilst DH has been in hospital, he still is, but your love, for someone you have never met, except on here, has been overwhelming. I didn't know such love and care could carry me through all this and your prayers have been so uplifting. We are still not sure when he will be coming out of hospital, the messages we are getting have been very mixed.
The hospital at Papworth is wonderful, mainly the staff are brilliant and the setting is glorious, picture on left is from the grounds of the hospital, we saw a woodpecker the other day and there is a lake with loads of ducks and a black swan. It is just so beautiful and the powers that be think they can replace it on the edge of farmland in Cambridge on the Addenbrooks site. Not going to be anything like as calming for relatives and I can't imagine the patients are going to enjoy a walk around the car park in the same way as they enjoy a walk around the lake.
Well it is bedtime and I have to finish clearing stuff away before I can get my bed sorted out and I do need my sleep.

Wednesday, 5 June 2013


Well this will be an interesting WOYWW for a number of reasons.The first reason was that  I started this with the perming solution on my hair so I was trying to do it without glasses, not very successful, so I deleted that and will try again.
As I explained last week, hubby is going into hospital for major surgery, in Cambridgeshire, other side of the country so I have had to get all the cards I need for at least the next month finished and ready to post as I don't know when I will be home again.
So that is what you see on my worktop.
 Ladybird card for a great niece and pirates for a great nephew, neither quite finished but only a bit of decoupage for the pirate and the right hand small ladybird is just resting because its feet are not cut out properly. The others are birthday and anniversary cards for various friends and family.
Also I have more or less cleared the worktop as friends are going to be looking after the house while we are away and Margaret may play with my craft stuff and have all my stash at her fingertips so she may even do a WOYWW from my worktop next week or the week after.

As other people also put garden pictures on their blogs, I thought I would add a couple. the one on the left is from the spare bedroom window showing all the colours in the garden and the valley beyond. the one below is the clematis over the frame outside our back door. Picture doesn't do it justice, but I can't get nearer than the back bedroom window to get a good shot of it.
Unfortunately after 4 to six weeks away from it, it will all be overgrown with bindweed and other weeds when we get home and not look anything like as good as it does now.
Also I will be able to access this whilst I am away so will not feel to far from home if I can look at pictures of the garden. Also I will look at other WOYWW s and see what others are ding so I will get ideas for when I get back. 
So for those out there who pray, please include us in your prayers and for those who don't just think about us that things will go well and I will soon be back here boring the pants off you all with my inane chatter.