Wednesday, 5 June 2013


Well this will be an interesting WOYWW for a number of reasons.The first reason was that  I started this with the perming solution on my hair so I was trying to do it without glasses, not very successful, so I deleted that and will try again.
As I explained last week, hubby is going into hospital for major surgery, in Cambridgeshire, other side of the country so I have had to get all the cards I need for at least the next month finished and ready to post as I don't know when I will be home again.
So that is what you see on my worktop.
 Ladybird card for a great niece and pirates for a great nephew, neither quite finished but only a bit of decoupage for the pirate and the right hand small ladybird is just resting because its feet are not cut out properly. The others are birthday and anniversary cards for various friends and family.
Also I have more or less cleared the worktop as friends are going to be looking after the house while we are away and Margaret may play with my craft stuff and have all my stash at her fingertips so she may even do a WOYWW from my worktop next week or the week after.

As other people also put garden pictures on their blogs, I thought I would add a couple. the one on the left is from the spare bedroom window showing all the colours in the garden and the valley beyond. the one below is the clematis over the frame outside our back door. Picture doesn't do it justice, but I can't get nearer than the back bedroom window to get a good shot of it.
Unfortunately after 4 to six weeks away from it, it will all be overgrown with bindweed and other weeds when we get home and not look anything like as good as it does now.
Also I will be able to access this whilst I am away so will not feel to far from home if I can look at pictures of the garden. Also I will look at other WOYWW s and see what others are ding so I will get ideas for when I get back. 
So for those out there who pray, please include us in your prayers and for those who don't just think about us that things will go well and I will soon be back here boring the pants off you all with my inane chatter.


Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

ah Chris it will be a path of healing and prayer for the next few weeks..

I indeed will pray that all goes well for the op and that hubby passes through with flying colours, and each little hiccough along the way will be met with medical wisdom for dr's, etc. and for you both, grace from the LORD to take whatever He may send.
God willing the healing will be speedy and this also - the return to your beautiful garden and comfort of home.

Every blessing dear friend, so glad you were able to get those lovely cards made, wow, what a blessing, indeed!

happy WOYWW and thanks for popping over, Shaz in Oz.x #7

glitterandglue said...

Hi there, Chris. Ooooo - ALL your stash????? I see I'm going to really have fun when we have to move out for the boiler man and the plumber.....
The cards are great. Well done for finishing them. You are both doing well with all that you have to face over the next days and weeks.
See you Friday.
No, not each individual chair - just covers for the two stacks of five new ones.
Let me have the list of email addresses for keeping folk up to date on hubby's progress - and I shall also mention you on our blog next week if you like.
Take care - we shall be praying for you both - along with our church members who know you.
Hugs n stuff,

Ria Gall said...

I hope your husbands surgery goes well and that he has a speedy recovery which I am sure will happen with you looking after him.
Loving all your cards you have made just make sure you remember to post them at the right time
Wishing you a very happy WOYWW and hope you have a great week
Ria #39

Alexa said...

You are very trusting letting a friend lose on your stash! Cards look gread - you are uber organised! And the garden - well WOW! x

Mrs.D said...

She is a very good friend, look up glitterandglue, no 30 on this week's stamping ground and she really introduced me to cardmaking. She lets me play at her house sometimes and it is so much fun having someone else stash to choose from.
Thanks for you comments about the cards, I'm not usually this organised, but if I'm not organised this time, hubby is going to be even more stressed that he is already, so cards had to be done, in envelopes, addresses and sitting in the car ready to post as and when, although I will put updates in where necessary.

Mrs.D said...

Thanks Shaz, it is comforting to know that I have some lovely people praying for him, and me, all around the world.

Julia Dunnit said...

Your garden is quite lovely. And even if overgrown, it won't be irretrievable, and of course will be a perfect place to recuperate for your DH. And probably a great therapy for you too. I indeed will hold you in my thoughts over the coming weeks. You have worked hard to be organised for this stay away, all the cards are lvoely.

Eliza said...

You have a really beautiful garden and they are such a labor of love and always wanting more attention to detail and something done. I do hope your husbands surgery goes well, such a long way to go and be away from home for, but they must be the best, therefore essential. Good luck both of you sometimes it is harder on the person doing the visiting and travelling to and from the hospital than it is the patient, this I know, I have just come from that path. My thoughts are with you both.

Eliza & Yoda 18

Liz Black said...

Fabulous cards, you are so organised. Lovely garden too. Thanks for sharing and Happy Woyww Liz@135

Neet said...

Well, first of all I will certainly include you, and your husband especially, in prayer. I do hope that all goes well and that your stay in Cambridge is easy on you.
Secondly you garden. Wow, that is truly beautiful. Love how neat and tidy it is - what is the white figure in the first one please?
Thirdly you have made a lovely array of cards and I am sure your card making has helped you cope with the pending worry that you must be going through.
Stay in touch with Blogland.
Hugs, Neet 17 xx

Mrs.D said...

Thanks Neet in advance for your prayers.
The garden is looking good at present from a distance, but close up there are gaps that need filling and a few weeds still persiting. Celandine being the most prolific and it is hard to get out from among the plants. The white figure was my husband's creation, made form bedframe steel. In his hands he holds a bird bath that the birds refuse to go anywhere near, and has not had any water put in it in many years.
Will try to stay in touch but not sure how good my internet accesswill be on a campsite.

Darnell J Knauss said...

Oh my goodness, Mrs. D, you live in Paradise, surely! Your garden is so incredible! I want to tell you that I love your work area, too, and your beautiful cards! But mostly, I'll will send up a prayer that all goes well with your husband's surgery and that you are both back and healthy in Paradise before you know it!

Now I've gone back to read the comments, I see that it's Ms. Margaret who will be looking after things so on that end, you are in good hands!!

I'm just visiting this week, so no no. for me this time. Darnell