Wednesday, 22 July 2015


Hi there deskers and first of all I must say Thank you to all of you for welcoming me back to WOYWW, it is nice to know you noticed that I wasn't there. And then........
I am here to say I'm off again!!!
By the time most of you read this we will be on our way to Netherlands for my sister's Golden Wedding anniversary, we are taking the caravan and after their party we are all going down to Luxembourg for a couple of weeks in our caravans, leaving Margaret, and a very twitchy curtained neighbour, minding the homestead.
This is a picture of the card I've made for my sister and her hubby, not a very good picture.

And this is a candle that I had made for them at a place in Betws Y Coed, (

If you have arrived here and wonder why I am wittering on, this is the place where lots of crafty folk share what their mojo has led them to produce or not, as the case maybe, byshowing our desks on a 'Wednesday' morning, or more often Tuesday evening, and it is all hosted by the wonderful Madame Julia over at her Stamping Ground, so if your want to see more or better, go over and visit lots of desks.
So thank you for visiting me, and I love comments but will apologise now that I will not be returning any visits as I will be out of internet contact for a few days, but bless you if you leave comments nevertheless.

Wednesday, 15 July 2015


Well it has been a while since I have posted on here, I been away on our narrow boat for three months, but I am back now and it shows, just look at the desk top, looks very familiar. Somethings never change, only the depth of the piles of chaos.
I know I am making lots of cards for a church sale, but it still doesn't need to be that bad.
However, there was someone posted on Facebook recently that she had challenged herself to make as many cards as possible using one 12 x12 sheet of paper, so I thought I would have a go, but after 6 I got bored.
One is missing and couple of others crept in there, but it was interesting exercise, I might repeat it with some masculine colours for cards for church sale.
Anyway, although I was absent from WOYWW, I did do a bit of visiting and can encourage anyone visiting here who doesn't know what I am on about to go to  Julia's Stamping Ground where you can visit lots of more interesting desks.
Well just before I go, I will share a couple of pictures from our holiday.

June sunset over the Erewash Canal at Ilkeston in Derbyshire, unfortunately our boat is round the corner so not in the picture.

And this is Max, thoroughly enjoying his holiday.

And finally a proud mummy moment. 

Some of you may remember last June I posted pictures of the stole I made for my daughter when she was ordained deacon, well this June she was ordained priest, a very special occasion.
Now I have overloaded you with pictures I really must run away before Julia puts me on the naughty step.
Bless you all