Wednesday, 24 May 2017


HAPPY 8th WOYWW Anniversary  everyone and a special thank you to Madame Julia for hosting this wonderful community of crafters.

As usual, we are away on our boat this time of year,

 so my worktop is the dinette table on the boat, so I can only do a bit at a time. Every time I get on a roll, I have to stop, cook a meal and clear everything away so we can eat. Or I have to go and operate a lock, or 3 or more, but I  couldn't miss the eight anniversary of WOYWW so I have to try and join in this week.
What you see there is that I have been playing with PanPastels to produce coloured backgrounds.

And then I stamped on them, which gives me something with which to make emergency cards quickly.
 And here you see Max very bored with the whole process.
And this was last night's sunset over the canal at Welford.
So tomorrow we are off to the boat show at Crick, where we may or may not have any signal for me to reply to comments,  but thank you for your visits and comments and I will try my best to respond.
Bless you all and Happy WOYWW.