Wednesday, 27 April 2016


Well it's Wednesday again, seems to have come round very fast. Once again I linking my desk,with many other, at that wonderful desk fest at Madame Julia's.
So what is on my desk today?

Practically nothing because we have had people in the house, 
so all I have to share with you are a few cardsI finished,


 before I shovelled all the rubbish in the bin and the usable stuff in a box to put out of sight.
And I'll just finish with  this picture of what was outside the window when we pulled the curtains this morning.
Yesterday we had brilliant sunshine and temperature in double figures and this morning this!  And we had thunder and lightning with it too, and we are almost in May.
So I'm off to visit other desks, thank you for visiting, I'll will get back if you leave me a comment.
Bless you all

Wednesday, 20 April 2016


Welcome to anyone who has found this blog by chance, can I invite you to come with me to the What's on your worktop Wednesday gathering over at Julia's wonderful hosting spot at The Stamping Ground. There you can peruse lots of far more interesting desks than mine, and for those who have come from there deliberately to visit me, Thank you so much, I will make return visits, sometime before next Wednesday.
Before I go any further, last week I remarked that I had struggled with internet access in Scotland, the previous week which was why I had not returned any visits that week. Little did I know that on Wednesday and Thursday evening last week, Sky was going to conspire to reduce my paid for broadband connections of 14 mb/s, to around 1mb/s. So if I failed to get back to you at all, or was so tardy that you thought I was ignoring you, I'm sorry it was Sky causing chaos.
However, I think things are working properly now.
So my worktop: for those who know my worktop well will see that normal service has been restored and it is good and messy.
Picture taken late Tuesday evening, from the end.
So at the top of the picture is my trusty toolbox, a paint brush I use for brushing up all kinds of things, some paper, two tubes of Pinflair photo glue, some tape, and on the glass mat, a card I have been working on and bottom left, a couple of bits done with masks, embossing paste on silver card.


So last week I showed you the embossing and Pan Pastels stuff I did in Scotland, and in this picture you can see that I made it into a card for the friend we visited up there. I hope she liked it.
 and just a closer view of the card on the glass mat.
It is a  card for the dedication of the son of our pastor and his wife, this coming Sunday, so I need to get it finished.

Well bless you for visiting and if you leave a comment I will get back to you, internet permitting.



Wednesday, 13 April 2016


Hi all, I'm back from a lovely holiday in Scotland and first of all I need to say 'Thank you' to all of you who visited my page last week and made some lovely comments, knowing full well that I would be unlikely to make return visits. I did say internet access might be rubbish in Scotland and I was right. I wrote the post before we left home on Monday and published it on Tuesday evening in the pub where we had supper. Then Wednesday morning saw me standing outside the pub hoping I could log back into their internet to upload to The Lady Julia's Stamping ground. It seemed to take ages, and then it started to rain, but I checked it was successful then dashed back to the caravan for breakfast and that was the last time I had any internet access.

So my desk this morning, or actually last night before I went out. You can see the few bits of crafting materials and tools I took away with me. There is my Spellbinders Sapphire, a storage folder of dies, my Pan Pastels, some cotton wool, craft knife and craft mat.
I didn't actually use them in the caravan but one of the friends we went to see took me to her local craft club and I did a little bit of playing with the Pan Pastels. Unfortunately I discovered that the Sapphire doesn't take embossing folders very satisfactorily so spent ages trying to sort the sandwich which left very little time to do much with the pastels.

This is what I did manage to do, the one bit of embossing that was vaguely satisfactory, it says Thank you, and then I cut out some flowers and coloured them with the pastels.

And just to prove I went to Scotland, this is the river Dee near Braemar, looks a nice well behaved river there, but in December it escaped its bed in Ballater, where our friend lives, and caused the worst flooding in living memory. She wasn't flooded, but she was very busy helping all those who were.

I'll leave you with this lovely picture of a Miss Indigo primula that we saw at Thrieve gardens, near Castle Douglas. So bright and cheerful on a chilly spring day, and the gardens are really worth a visit if you are in that area.

Apart from sorting the inevitable pile of washing we brought back from the trip, I have nothing to do today, so will definitely return visits and do lots of desk visiting as I missed seeing all your desks last week.
Bless you all

Sunday, 3 April 2016


Good morning lovely people, this is my worktop today, or it was when we left it on Monday morning, and no one else has been in the house since, so it should still be as clean and sterile. (Don't worry about me telling the world that we are not there, see that blue car on the opposite side of the road, if the owner saw anyone approaching our house he would have the police out very quickly, very very quickly, he has done in the past, nothing gets past him)
But we are away camping in Scotland, enjoying ourselves, currently in the Aboyne area.
However, last week I showed you the fun I had with  a play day with Margaret and showed you some of the stuff and said that some of it I probably wouldn't use. and this was one of them.

Neet suggested that I keep them and cut into them, so I thought, 'Well that card for my daughter needed a leaf on it and maybe that brown/green one would provide the right colour leaf.' So I cut into it, and there they were, three brilliant leaves and the two brown ones worked perfectly on my daughter's card.
And so they do.
Now I have a big problem, I daren't throw away anything now, and my cupboards are going to be overwhelmed with all those scraps that really will work as something.

So I have shared my stuff with you, courtesy of that lovely lady, Mrs Julia Dunnit so if you pop over to her Stamping Ground you too can share your crafty bits.
Thank you for visiting my page,I'm not sure whether I will be able to respond to your kind comments while we are away, my internet is a bit limited, but I will read them all and try to get back to you when we return home.
Bless you all