Wednesday, 27 April 2016


Well it's Wednesday again, seems to have come round very fast. Once again I linking my desk,with many other, at that wonderful desk fest at Madame Julia's.
So what is on my desk today?

Practically nothing because we have had people in the house, 
so all I have to share with you are a few cardsI finished,


 before I shovelled all the rubbish in the bin and the usable stuff in a box to put out of sight.
And I'll just finish with  this picture of what was outside the window when we pulled the curtains this morning.
Yesterday we had brilliant sunshine and temperature in double figures and this morning this!  And we had thunder and lightning with it too, and we are almost in May.
So I'm off to visit other desks, thank you for visiting, I'll will get back if you leave me a comment.
Bless you all


Chidkid said...

Yep! Similar weather to ourselves! What in the world. Amazeballs at a clear desk! Nothing like guests to make you tidy up is there? Great cards. Elaine. no. 11

glitterandglue said...

Aaaaghhh!!!!! Chris, I cannot believe your desk... that is just too scary for words! Lovely cards, though - they look great. Well done. We started the day here all wet and windy, but it has brightened up and I'm even thinking I might do a bit of gardening this pm.
Thanks for the visit. I'm about to send you an email regarding Nathan...
Take care. God bless.
Margaret #2

Susanne said...

You know that lots of us are envying that big blank white space, don't you. Do bad there is big blank white space outside as well. Happy WOYWW. Susanne #38

Sharon said...

Beautiful cards!

Wow that is clean. I think you get the clean desk award this week. I don't think mine has been like that since I put it in the room!

Sharon K #46

Lisca said...

What? Snow? What is happening to our weather? I'm really sorry that you have such awful weather. In Holland it's Kings Day today (the king's birthday) and there will be many street parties and other outdoor activities. The weather is also very bad.
There's nothing like guests to get your house tidy!
Your cards are beautiful.
Happy WOYWW,
Have a good week too,

Anne said...

Wow that is tidy!!!! :-) Great cards Chris. Our weather has been similar but didn't get covering of snow. Anne x #56

ToadilyDiane said...

Super cards! Nice clean space - I wouldn't know what that is like! LOL
Have a great day.
Diane - WOYWW #36

Anne said...

hi again Chris- thanks for your visit- the rose is a Stampin Up framelit . x

Julia Dunnit said...

Ah Chris, four seasons inm one day, eh?I loathe the cold at any time of year to be honest, but this cold that's putting some of my plants precious buds at risk - Grrrrrr.
Meanwhile, here's an idea for your huge desk when empty - your guests could sleep top to tail in that space!! Your cards are great.

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Such a tidy desk but guess it wont last lol! The weather has been all over the place but thank goodness it was okay for most of the day while we were out walking but then rain and hale this afternoon. Have a great week and happy woyww, Angela x 21

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Crazy weather!! The old wives tales of Ne'er cast a colour til May be out is too blinking true this week!! Love your cards, especially the blue and gold one...gorgeous :-)
Hugs, LLJ 16 xxx

buterfliecrafter said...

the weather is all over the place isn't it? Happy WOYWW Vicky#6

Neet said...

We have just had the most horrendous flashes of lightening and claps of thunder that almost sent me into hiding in the wardrobe. Only kidding about the hiding but it has been one heck of a storm and the garden is white with hail now. Such crazy weather and, as you say, we are almost in May.
Lovely to be able to have such a clear and clean desk - I am envious - but you have been mega busy with all those lovely cards. Thanks for sharing.
Hugs and Blessings
Neet 3 xx