Wednesday, 7 August 2019

WOYWW  530
Well, I am going to try and communicate with you all this week, but have a technical problem in that I don't have a picture of my worktop .  One of the disadvantages of having a dedicated studio, separate from the house, is that taking a picture of the worktop, late at night, on Tuesday, which what I am sure most Deskers do, is that I can't just nip out, and take a picture ,  at least not dressed as I currently am,  with the A57 only 20 ft away.
So at least Julia will be happy, this will be very photo light. Instead, as we went to my sister and brother in law, last Friday,  for their Golden wedding anniversary party, I will show you the card I made for them.

We had an amazing weekend from Friday to Sunday, they have a huge garden, and the put out tables and chairs and marquees and we had too much food and too much drink, and a really good time.
Just one picture to give you a flavour of the event.

My sister and brother in law under the tree, my niece in red, three great nieces on the carpet, great nephew reading, and my hubby sitting on the left. This was in just one corner of the garden, out of the sun, for the "ceremony", which is another name for Lottie embarrassing her parents.
Well that's all from me, if you want to know why I am sharing,  visit the WOYWW queen at Her stamping ground
Thanks for reading my drivel