Tuesday, 16 June 2020


Quick post today lovely deskers, just to show the finished Robot
  And my desk, untouched for four days after I made some cards similar to the ones Shaz Silverwolfwas sharing, but not as good as hers.

And our pot grown Christmas tree looking absolutely beautiful as it puts on new growth 
Do go and visit desk Magister Julia at her stamping ground to check out more crafty desks
And this is where I guiltily confess that I am unlikely to be able to do much visiting today as I have a lot of plants to put in the garden, and my sewing desk is loaded with a pile of scrubs bags I promised to deliver tomorrow and they are not finished because I have been helping hubby sort out windows for the new bathroom !! So I will be digging and sewing today, and not snooping on your desks!
See you all Thursday, thanks for dropping in

Tuesday, 9 June 2020


It's Wednesday again!! They keep galloping around, and I can't keep up. First of all, I need to apologise to all those lovelies who commented on my page last week, that I didn't get round to many desks, somehow every time I tried to get back to the computer, Sir required my muscles or a hand or a brain!!! to help him with drains, or ordering stuff for the new bathroom. The plumber is  not coming to install everything until July 16th but my man will be demolishing the utility room weeks before if I am not alert to stop him.
So my desk
There is the beginning of a robot card for a soon to be 5 great nephew, and some Christmas stamps from Julia, and various bits of detritus left from previous card making.
Last week I shared that I had to make a card for another great nephew and lacked ideas, I cheated, rang my sister who said that during lockdown young Carl had enjoyed playing chess against his dad, rather him than me, I think his dad would have check mated me in about 3 moves. I am sure I took a picture of it before I put the card in the post, but can't find it on either my phone or my tablet . 
So why am I blathering on here, all part of an amazing crafty desk share hosted by the wonderful Julia. She has been hosting it for eleven years and more, so well worth a visit.
That's all for me today, bless you for visiting

Wednesday, 3 June 2020


Good morning and welcome to my WOYWW post. For those who don't know what WOYWW is, nip over to Julia's  where all will be revealed.
So WOYWW is about our desks, and frankly I have spent so little time in the tower in the last couple of weeks, I could post you a desk view from my last post, so instead a finished UFO
And this was the card I made for one of my two lovely son's in law

Idea lifted unashamedly from Pinterest,  which sadly does not seem to be offer suitable inspiration for  this week's urgent task, which is to produce a birthday card for a 10 year old great nephew.  Boys are alien creature, I was one of four girls, had two of my own, and just don't understand boys, especially boys who don't seem to have any passionate interest in anything.
So that's all from me this week, thank you for dropping in,
Bless you

Wednesday, 20 May 2020

WOYWW 572 Anniversary

So the 11th anniversary has arrived, but sadly we are no nearer to each other to celebrate than we are any other day of the year, however our host Julia still needs to be applauded. Well done for leading us thus far and here's to you, and maybe a crop in the autumn.
So instead of a crop and ATCs we were challenging to finish some UFOs, and last week I shared some cards that I had dragged out of the UFO box.
Some achieved the status of finished cards.

So the first three were fairly simple to finish, 
Except, I'm still not certain about the colours on this, although it does look much better in daylight than digital medium.
This one was fairly simple to do something with, although I really wanted
"Thinking of  you" to be the sentiment,  it looks rather small and insignificant on there so I also made the "Thank you" sentiment,  and will decide when/if I need to use the card. (Neither is attached) 
Of the other three,
This one went in the bin. When I started trying to do something with it I found that the strip was not on straight and my attempt at removal destroyed it all.
Will probably try a similar starting layout at some time.
This one has gone back in the box until I need another Golden wedding anniversary card
And this one I am still experimenting with,  here on my desk.
You can see the other finished cards here too.
And a completely different UFO I finally finished. This chair sat in my Dad's study for many years, and when  he died nearly 19 years ago, I took possession of it. Sadly the cushion cover disintegrated about 6 weeks ago, and I started working on it and finding it was fiddly undoing the fringe from the remaining rags, it got chucked on a pile and left, but Margaret encouraged me to finish it, so I now have a comfy chair at my computer again.

This sadly was a UFO that did not get finished, but it will do. This jigsaw is four pictures taken from my Facebook page by my daughter to make puzzle, 1 picture of our first boat, 2 of the second one and a snowy picture under a  canal bridge.
While I have been working this week, some of the time I was in the tower, this young man was keeping me company,sometimes sitting on my chair, and sometimes, if I get to the chair first, he sits on the windowsill absorbing the sun, I took this picture on Monday afternoon, went downstairs to my sewing machine and was suddenly very surprised to hear a 'Bonk, bonk, bonk' on the stairs behind me, and can only assumed he rolled over and fell off the windowsill and bounced down the stairs. Fortunately no broken bones, but he was a bit subdued for a few hours.
And finally a picture of the canal in the evening and some amazing anemones from my garden, they just keep on flowering and looking beautiful.

Well, this has been a very picture heavy post, so I better close before Julia decides to ban me in future. 
Happy WOYWW anniversary 

Wednesday, 13 May 2020


So we aren't having an ATC swap for 11th anniversary of WOYWW. (if you don't know what WOYWW is, visit Madame Julia at her Stamping Ground , where you can find links lots more desks to peruse.)
We are finishing UFOs! That's Unfinished objects for the uninitiated, or as a friend used to call them, unfinished symphonies, which is a term I prefer
Well I have plenty of those in this box. Including 20
part done ATCs, because with lockdown I thought I would be all efficient and get them done early, instead of rushing them at the last minute! Maybe they will do for next year!
My usual reason for not finishing cards is because I get so far and then run out of ideas, so between now and next week, I have to find those elusive ideas and finish
them, I hope.
So I dug in the box and selected seven I think I might manage to conjure up inspiration to complete, for next week.
So here they are,

And here

I'll show you next week how I got on.
Bless you all for visiting,  have a great day

Wednesday, 8 April 2020


Hi lovelies,
How is everyone coping with 'house arrest'?
This was my desk yesterday afternoon! I finished all the Easter cards and thought I would completely clear everything before sorting drawers and tackling a Space/Star wars themed 50th birthday card, anyone gone any ideas?

 And these are all the Easter cards I made, I don't usually send them, but somehow I felt it was appropriate this year.

 When not making cards, mending, gardening etc, I have found time for permitted exercise,  dodging the crowds!  this is probably 400 yards from home, across the ploughed field to the left.

You are receiving this exciting opportunity to read my rubbish due to the wonderful hosting of  Madame Julia  , do go and visit to see more craft filled blogs.
Thank you for reading my drivel and I will try to respond to your comments.
Have a good day and keep sane in these difficult times. 

Wednesday, 1 April 2020


Morning all.
Sorry this is not going to be my desk, but this is a very brief post to show you the finish card for my nephew.

 And a card for my great niece.


 And because I know other Woywwer have liked seeing my cat, here's Flottie finding a cosy spot..
After I took that picture,  I was ashamed of all the paperwork that has somehow been dumped, so I moved it all, It is now in a tidy pile ..................
Dumped somewhere else!!,
Well why am I sharing, to join in the community on Julia's Stamping ground 
 Do pop over and see some more crafty desks.

Sorry Woywwers that I wasn't very responsive last week,  I will try harder this week
Bless you all

Wednesday, 25 March 2020


Well with weeks of enforced inactivity ahead,  I have plans to tidy the tower, make lots of Easter cards, possibly some Christmas cards, and hubby decides we are going to work on the garden.
However with some Birthdays coming up, I struggled, in between helping lay turf, with a card for my nephew,  age 44 (aren't men difficult) and by the end of the day there were three cards on my desk.
The part finished Easter card in the middle will get finished later this week, but the card for Al, front right, must be in the post tomorrow at the latest, but it needs something else, and I don't know what. And the card back right is destined for the bin, I think!
So as I struggling with this on my phone, tablet having a strip, I will finish with accouple of pictures from the windows of the tower.

If you are wondering why I am sharing my desk with the world, head over to Julia's The Stamping Ground     to see lots more crafty desks.
Bless you all and keep safe in these difficult times

Wednesday, 5 February 2020


Well it is 4 months since I last managed to actually get a post up, life just seems to be full of insignificant things that get in the way of sharing what is on my desk.

But here goes, not very exciting 3 unfinished cards and the various detritus of making cards.The card in the centre front is another "Thinking of you" cards that I prefer to send rather than "Sympathy" cards, and I seem to need these more and more, so I am trying to build up a stock, and the unfinished one behind has the message is "You are in our thoughts and prayers" so also suitable as a sympathy card when finished. And the sunflower on the left back, I am hoping for inspiration about what to do with it next.
So that's me, and if you wonder why I am sharing this,  pop over to Desk queen Julia's Stamping ground to see some more crafty desks,
Thank you visiting and I wil try to return the visit if you give me sufficient information.
Bless you