Wednesday, 5 February 2020


Well it is 4 months since I last managed to actually get a post up, life just seems to be full of insignificant things that get in the way of sharing what is on my desk.

But here goes, not very exciting 3 unfinished cards and the various detritus of making cards.The card in the centre front is another "Thinking of you" cards that I prefer to send rather than "Sympathy" cards, and I seem to need these more and more, so I am trying to build up a stock, and the unfinished one behind has the message is "You are in our thoughts and prayers" so also suitable as a sympathy card when finished. And the sunflower on the left back, I am hoping for inspiration about what to do with it next.
So that's me, and if you wonder why I am sharing this,  pop over to Desk queen Julia's Stamping ground to see some more crafty desks,
Thank you visiting and I wil try to return the visit if you give me sufficient information.
Bless you