Wednesday, 4 May 2016


Good morning lovely people, and welcome to my post for Julia's What's on Your Worktop Wednesday desk snoop. Do visit there when you have finished looking here.
So on my worktop, first thing this morning, are 10 bags I've made for Margaret, for the school children in Uganda. 
 I haven't done anything in the way of card making since last week's blitz, but the bag with purple trim became part of a sort of  mixed media project.
Having stitched the patterned ribbon across the front of the bag I then picked up the remaining length  and realised I had measured it wrongly and it was three inches too short for the strap. Panic, panic! Hunted everywhere for something to trim the strap, nothing vaguely the right colour. Tried  zigzag stitching along the strap but purple and mauve didn't show up at all. Then I had a brain wave, lots of white ribbon, lots of alcohol inks 

and lots of messy fingers, and I had the perfect purple coloured  ribbon for the strap.
This picture doesn't actually show the colour of my finger, they were much more purple than they look here. So was my nice white work top, even with the glass mat and the big cutting mat underneath, so I had to spend 1/2 hour with bleach getting the marks out of the painted surface. I am such a messy person.

Anyway, messy person is off to visit lots of other crafty desks,
Bless you for visiting and thank you, in advance, for all your comments, I will get back to anyone who leave a number.