Wednesday, 15 August 2018


Wednesday is here again, another chance to visit Madame Julia.  From her desk you can blog hop to loads of crafty desks and even share your own.
So my desk, late Tuesday evening.
At the back, the results of getting very messy with shaving foam, centre front is the making of a Christmas card and on the left is a card I made with one of the sentiments I showed you last week.

Those of you who dropped by at my desk last week may remember that rather superiorly I said the "estate" had kept me busy, so I thought I'd share some picture of said estate. Sorry Julia it is very picture heavy.
 Coming through the huge steel gate.
 Showing the parking area.
 East end of the house
 The front of the house
 The boat moored outside the front, one of the reasons we bought the house.
 Round the West end of the house, the outside bathroom, toilet and shower!
 The park home!
 The "barge" tower, estate didn't know what else to call it, but we think it was built in the 50's, probably as some kind of studio.
 The gate at the end of the estate.

 The mooring, 120m, enough for 6 boats, may be some income there.
 This is the kitchen from the backdoor
And this is the kitchen from the other end, all 34ft long, and when we moved in, all one room. Far too big so we built the library.
Last week I said we had been slaving in the garden, this is what we had to dig out and prepare for concreting, and this is what it looks like now.

So that's me for another week,  and no we still don't have broadband,  but complaint is written, just waiting for the "Man" to read it, correct it and then BT will get lambasted.
Bless you  for dropping by,  and I will do my very best to get back to you all.

Wednesday, 8 August 2018


So here we are again, sharing our crafty desks with anyone who visits our wonderful host Julia at her Stamping Ground.
So my desk

Nothing like as productive as last week as we have been rather busy round the new "estate"! I spend nearly two solid days scraping wall paper in the park home, then there was some urgent plumbing and propping up a lean to to prevent it collapsing and then Tuesday morning, OH announced that he had ordered ballast and concrete mixer to be delivered on Wednesday and we hadn't prepared the ground by the shed for a new path, so most of Tuesday was spent clearing the site and filling a trailer with rubble and a bin full of nettles. And gathering a lot of aching muscles and several bruises in the process!
However I did just manage a birthday card for OH's 96 year old uncle,  and a couple of Christmas cards.

I did also have had time to play a little. A few weeks ago I played with some alcohol inks and decided that I didn't really like the finished item for a board, so decided to see what happened if I die cut some sentiments from it, they are rather interesting and unusual. 
With luck I might get a chance to do something with before next Wednesday.
Thanks for reading my drivel and have a great WOYWW.
Oh, and we still don't have broadband, and I haven't even managed to get to speak to someone at BT to issue an ultimatum, just two automated promises of call backs, which didn't happen!

Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Wednesday, 1 August 2018


August is here, and Christmas is fast approaching!
Last week I showed you a pile of Christmas card bits, so this is what is on my desk Tuesday evening!

That is thirteen finished cards, and there  at least 4 more part done, and all using stuff from the pile, which sadly still looks the same size. However, the hierarchy of waste management acknowledges that once the reuse option has been exhausted, recycling, in this case in the paper bin, is still acceptably environmentally satisfactory,  so  I think I need to be strong and dispose of it, and I can start using the new Christmas dies and stamps I have bought, with a clear conscience.  
We still haven't got broadband,  BT/OpenReach have not contacted us for 10 days now, I contacted Which legal team, but as I haven't paid any money, it seems a contract does not really exist, so they haven't broken a contract, and as they have a monopoly of provision of lines,  we can't go elsewhere. Sooner or later it might get to a complaint to Ofcom.
Well that's me this week, thanks for dropping by, sorry I can't provide a cuppa for visitors, doesn't work on the "ether".
If you want to see more crafty desks, nip over too our host Julia. 
Bless you for coming