Wednesday, 25 March 2020


Well with weeks of enforced inactivity ahead,  I have plans to tidy the tower, make lots of Easter cards, possibly some Christmas cards, and hubby decides we are going to work on the garden.
However with some Birthdays coming up, I struggled, in between helping lay turf, with a card for my nephew,  age 44 (aren't men difficult) and by the end of the day there were three cards on my desk.
The part finished Easter card in the middle will get finished later this week, but the card for Al, front right, must be in the post tomorrow at the latest, but it needs something else, and I don't know what. And the card back right is destined for the bin, I think!
So as I struggling with this on my phone, tablet having a strip, I will finish with accouple of pictures from the windows of the tower.

If you are wondering why I am sharing my desk with the world, head over to Julia's The Stamping Ground     to see lots more crafty desks.
Bless you all and keep safe in these difficult times