Tuesday, 27 August 2013


Well Good Morning All, this was my worktop at on Tuesday morning!
Completely clear except for the usual UFO's lurking on the window sill.
I know we are supposed to be showing Wednesday's worktop, but that never works if we are to get our posts at the wonderful Julia's on Wednesday. For those who don't know who the wonderful Julia is, just pop over to Stamping ground and see all the people who display their worktops on a Wednesday.

I had  a massive clear up because  my daughter, son in law and grandson are coming tomorrow and it really was so messy that I couldn't work, so I cleared the lot.
It didn't stay cleared for very long and very soon I had a Get Well card on the go, and two UFOs on their way to being FOs, with just a little bit of help!

I don't know if anyone remembers a card I was working on a couple of weeks ago with red flowers on, but I finished it as a twisted easel and sent it on its way, but thought I would just put a finished pic on here, especially for Karen who asked about it.
And finally by way of an appeal for help, as you can see on my worktop, under the feet of the cat,  and below, I have been going to town a bit with the Cheery Lynn Fanciful Flourish die and have been using Crafter's Companion repositionable spray to fix the die cuts to my cards, but they don't stay and I wonder if anyone had any idea what I could be doing wrong. I spray them thoroughly and allow them 30 seconds to get tacky and then apply them, but they just keep peeling off.

Well that's all for now, I'll see you all on Stamping ground bright and early on Wednesday morning.

Wednesday, 21 August 2013


Well we've been away for a few days in South Yorkshire camping in motorhome with daughter, son in law and grandsons.  So no worktop but a camping table and a very small amount of craft stuff.

But I have some lovely pics of Yorkshire. A view from Crich tram way museum, a very good place to visit with grandsons.
 butterfly from the woodland walk.
I'm not certain this is going to make it on WOYWW as I am writing it on my Samsung tablet and previous attempts to upload to Stamping ground have been a singular failure.  If anyone out there can tell me how to do it, I will be very grateful. It arrives on WOYWW before 10 pm I have achieved it, with son in law's able assistance.

Tuesday, 13 August 2013


Well what a busy week.

I finshed the pile of UFOs, they are now beautiful FOs and then I as I said last week i had to organise the cling stamps. What a mammoth task, this was taken on day three, day one they were everywhere including the floor.
The object of the exercise was to put them all neatly into a ring binder so I could see at a glance what I had and they were easily accessible.

I couldn't get the wooden stamps in the folder but I now know exactly what I possess in the way of wooden stamps.

Then I organised the clear ones into types
and fixed them in the multi-punched pockets. and in the folder.

Then I had to move them all to a lever arch file because the ring binder wasn't big enough and now I have to find room for the file. But it can't replace the drawer  that the stamps used to be in, because that still has acrylic blocks and a set of peg stamps and baby wipes in it. But the job is done,now I have to start using stamps more.

So what's on my worktop today? A folder with no home, and Oh yes, some more UFOs. Looking for something in the cupboard I found more cards waiting to be finished!
I start making them on a Thurday at the club I go to and then don't have the right bits to finish them, like the blue one on the left. Having got that far, it needs a ribbon or a sentiment or something more and I don't have anything the right pinky mauve, so it will probably be pushed to the left until I have more inspiration.

Blessing to you all,
Happy Woyww

Tuesday, 6 August 2013


Last week you may remember I asked about using Blogger more effectively and thank you all for your help. I'm not sure I have achieved anything much better than I had before, I haven't really sat down and studied the tool with reference to the help offered.
thank you also for all your kind comments last week about the tidying.
Bit of a worry here as Max went to the vet this morning for a 'scale and polish' and when we collected him at 2.30 they said they had taken out one tooth. He was very groggy and slept until 6.15 and then wanted something to eat, which he had, just a little bit and then asked to go out. He sat on the pavement for about 2 minutes, with one of the cats from across the road and I pulled a couple of weeds out of the drive, looked up and he had vanished and we haven't seen him since, so the evening has been rather stressful. There's only so much calling one can do.
Anyway since last week's post, which showed a lot of clearing up of the the left push pile and revealed a large number of UFO's, this week I have worked hard at making them finished objects.
On Saturday I had finished 9 cards, and you can see them here on the blog labelled UFO's, and then since then I have finished another 7

 and have another 6 nearing completion.
then I can start on some new stuff, maybe Christmas cards.

Actually if you look along my worktop you can see that the next big project will be sorting and organising my stamps.
I have started but am not sure quite how to go about the final storage so I will sort them first by putting all the sentiments together and Christmas ones together etc and then decide about how to make them accessible. I don't use them very much at present because it is so hard to find what I want.
Also you can see that the tidying up doesn't seem to have stuck. I keep trying but the good Lord chose not to give me tidiness genes. I definitely didn't take after my mother and it drove her mad.
Well it is past bedtime here in North Wales and the wonderful Mrs Dunnit has not put Mr Linky up yet so this post will not get on the web until the morning.
Just finishing this and Max has strolled in looking absolutely fine, so I will sleep tonight,
Thanks for visiting

Saturday, 3 August 2013

U F O's

Well on Wednesday my worktop was full of part done things or as Eliza put it UnFinished Objects, so over the past couple of days I have been a good girl and worked on them and now, on the hall carpet because the colours look better there, you see the results of my diligence.
Eight finished cards, some of which had been around for a long time, especially the green one with the bow and the one with the owls.Actually that is not quite true as the one on the top left still needs the gems stuck on but it was gettig dark and I can never get good pictures with the flash on. Mirri card reflect it back like red eye.
I'm very pleased with myself as the green one with the bow and the one with the owl have been hanging around for at least 6 months.
As well as finishing all these I made a card for some friends who had a baby boy last week, not the same day as Prince George, but baby Jonah is far more important to us. I am pleased with that as well.

We have had another glorious day here in North Wales so I have been out in the garden doing some tidying up, cutting back and even planted up a sink that has been hanging around for ages. I hadn't been very sure what to put in it, but was in teh garden centre this morning and took the plunge and bought some alpines for it. When they have settled I'll try to remember to post a picture.
Well it is nealy bedtime and I am yawning and have a book to finish tonight.