Tuesday, 6 August 2013


Last week you may remember I asked about using Blogger more effectively and thank you all for your help. I'm not sure I have achieved anything much better than I had before, I haven't really sat down and studied the tool with reference to the help offered.
thank you also for all your kind comments last week about the tidying.
Bit of a worry here as Max went to the vet this morning for a 'scale and polish' and when we collected him at 2.30 they said they had taken out one tooth. He was very groggy and slept until 6.15 and then wanted something to eat, which he had, just a little bit and then asked to go out. He sat on the pavement for about 2 minutes, with one of the cats from across the road and I pulled a couple of weeds out of the drive, looked up and he had vanished and we haven't seen him since, so the evening has been rather stressful. There's only so much calling one can do.
Anyway since last week's post, which showed a lot of clearing up of the the left push pile and revealed a large number of UFO's, this week I have worked hard at making them finished objects.
On Saturday I had finished 9 cards, and you can see them here on the blog labelled UFO's, and then since then I have finished another 7

 and have another 6 nearing completion.
then I can start on some new stuff, maybe Christmas cards.

Actually if you look along my worktop you can see that the next big project will be sorting and organising my stamps.
I have started but am not sure quite how to go about the final storage so I will sort them first by putting all the sentiments together and Christmas ones together etc and then decide about how to make them accessible. I don't use them very much at present because it is so hard to find what I want.
Also you can see that the tidying up doesn't seem to have stuck. I keep trying but the good Lord chose not to give me tidiness genes. I definitely didn't take after my mother and it drove her mad.
Well it is past bedtime here in North Wales and the wonderful Mrs Dunnit has not put Mr Linky up yet so this post will not get on the web until the morning.
Just finishing this and Max has strolled in looking absolutely fine, so I will sleep tonight,
Thanks for visiting


Julia Dunnit said...

Oh well done, turning UFOs into FOs has got to be hugely satisfying. And how brave you are to even contemplate stamp sorting...take a mobile phone and a flask with you!!

Evalila said...

What a great workspace! Annd wonderful cards!! Happy WOYWW!

Evelyn # 81

Krisha said...

WOW what a wonderful work space. Beautifully made cards too.
Thanks for the visit
Krisha #19

Lynda Norton said...

Tidy gene? whats that then? - no I dont have it either.

So glad Max turned up.

Lynda #82

Mrs.D said...

Thanks for your visit.

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Phew, Max returned...I was really worried there, it's awful when they disappear. It's happened to me a couple of times. What a relief :-)
Love all your crafty bits and pieces!
Hugs, LLJ 57 xx

Regina Hamilton said...

Wow...I wish I could that many cards done so quickly. Thanks for stopping. Happy crafting #1

Darnell J Knauss said...

Naughty, naughty Max getting us all worried like that! I wonder how many readers stayed to the end to see it all ended happily!

Well done, Chris, on being productive and getting all those UFOs finished so beautifully!

I organize my stamps by theme, too. It was easy with the wooden stamps and my great shelving unit, but the clear stamps are a bother. I cut apart and store them by theme, too. Otherwise I could never find them. Then I label the container and they are shelved alphabetically so it's easy to find what I need. It's a big project and I've just gotten in a load of news ones (madness!) to organize. I swear sometimes I spend more time organizing than I do creating!!

Happy WOYWW and thanks for the visit to me! Have a wonderful week! Darnell #12

Twiglet said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. The lace flower is made from a length of lace - gathered and stitched round into a flower. If you want instructions I can email the link. x Jo

Mrs.D said...

Thanks for you concern, Max is still not very happy, but at least he is not looking as ill as he was yesterday and he is here.

Mrs.D said...

Thanks for caring about Max, yes he was very naughty and at least he came in just as I was finishing my writing so I didn't have to put up a post with him still missing.
The problem with the clear stamps is that I need some way of storing them so that I can see exactly what I have. Think I have an idea but need to clear the surface and spread everything out first.
Thanks for visiting.

Mrs.D said...

Jo that would be nice if you could let me have that link, not sure I can make it as beautfully as you have but I'd like to try.

glitterandglue said...

Hi Chris. Thanks for stopping by. Family have now all left, so I have the space back - loads of washing sheets etc., tidying, putting away etc. still to do - but we'll get there tomorrow I expect. Hmm - Max is obviously making you suffer for putting him in the cattery when A was in hospital!! What a naughty puss...
Catch up soon I trust!!!
Will life calm down do you suppose?? Are you both able to come over for the Uganda feedback evening Fri 16th?? After all, you have helped with the bags etc. Let N&M know if you can.
Have a great week.

Danie May said...

So pleased to hear Max has returned I have known many a cat when being sick has disappeared only to return a day or a few weeks later in full health. I can imagine your worry however being a cat lover myself. You definitely have had a great week creative wise getting all those gorgeous cards finished. I hope you have a great week! Happy WOYWW! Danie #14

Annie said...

So glad Max came home before the end of your post. He probably went to get some fresh air to blow away the gasses. :-)
Love your craft space.
A x # 59

Eliza said...

When I was reading your post I started to cry, gosh it tore my heart out just thinking he was gone. I went and made a cuppa and finished reading the post. All I was interested in was Max and if he is alright all the beautiful cards, cleaned areas didn't matter anymore. Then at the end Max came home, you don't know how much better I felt, gosh you really had my heart in your hands, I hate things happening to animals that are negative. Anyway, beautiful cards, give Max a big hug from Yoda and I.

Eliza & Yoda 24

VonnyK said...

I'm so glad Max came back, I was so sad for you and then happy at the end, naughty pussy cat. I love your beautiful cards and don't worry about being tidy, I can never manage it either.
Thanks for visiting me.
Von #33

Mrs.D said...

Thanks Eliza, I'm sorry I made you cry, although I was struggling not to myself at the time, but he is OK now. Sitting on the hall floor above the hot water pipes, his favourite warm place and I think he has forgiven us.
I agree that animals (and people) sre fsr more important that cards and cleaning and anything else, and animals in distress are so difficult becasue you can't explain to them that it is for their own good that they are taken to the vet.
Bless you.