Wednesday, 24 September 2014


Well Good Morning lovely people and if you are new to my blog and wonder what I am on about, visit Dame Julia who hosts this weekly convention of crafters.
This morning my desk is rather bare, just a few incipient Christmas cards and a birthday card lurking almost out of sight because it is for Margaret.
Also there are a few pieces of paper from a magazine, a necklace requiring mending and my trusty radio which brings me The Archers every evening and lots of daily radio programmes too.
As I said last week, my sister and her hubby were here last week, so no card making there, instead we had days out so here are some pictures of Snowdonia to share with you.

 The view over Llyn Peris.

And a stream coming down from Pen Y Pass.
We spent about an hour just rock hopping over this stream, and paddling in it, it was so warm.

Well that is all have for you today except to say that I have been encountering problems putting comments on some people's pages, especially those with Google+. Either the comment window opens then immediately closes or the comments just disappear. If anyone visits my desk, I always return the call, so is very frustrating being unable to say how much I appreciate your comments on my page or say how much I have liked yours.
I will persevere, sending messages via emails if necessary, but sometimes even that is not possible so please forgive me if I haven't commented on your page and if anyone has any idea why this is happening and what I can do about, please let me know.
Bless you for dropping in

Wednesday, 17 September 2014


Good morning lovelys and welcome to There's Nothing On My Worktop Wednesday.
Well apart from two mats and the guillotine,  because I have my sister and brother in law from Netherlands staying so card making is not on the menu at present.
But to show I appreciate you dropping by I'll share a pic of the  goodies I got at the show last Thursday. Margaret and I had a wonderful time, and we met up with Chris and also met Jo and her hubby and friends.
Didn't I get a lot for my money, very hard to resist some things. I had a list and only managed to buy two of the five things on it, so to make up I had to buy other things! About 10 items for every list item I failed to get!! So you can see Inka Gold and ink dusters and stamps and dies, some lovely 12" Christmas papers, (16 designs, two of each in a pack, £3.99) so Margaret and I shared the pack, ink pads, butterflies to colour, a stencil and some card.

Well these stamps were not on the list, but the Majestic stamps are so beautiful I could have bought dozens of them so three lots was very restrained and the other stamps were £1 each, I just couldn't leave them there, could I? The bird on the branch is very cute and has been used already.

Actually on my list was the Christmas decoration die, in the centre. When I was visiting some WOYWWs last week, I followed some links on someone's page and saw it and thought it was such fun, I just had to have it. The other very naughty dies just hopped of the shelves and into my hands!!!
Oh I could have spent so much more on dies, they were all so tempting.

And finally, just to show that I do craft some time, and don't just buy stuff, this is a 70th Birthday card I was asked to make for some one and intended to use one of the new dies on it and it didn't look right.

Now if you have landed on this page and wonder why I am baring all, so to speak, click on the link and visit Dame Julia who is hosting, as always on a Wednesday, a display of crafting desks from around the world.

Bless you for coming in, and I will visit all those who make a comment and I hope many more, but we are out all day in Snowdonia enjoying the views and the sunshine.

Wednesday, 10 September 2014


Good Morning lovely people and thank you popping by.
Going to get myself in The Desk Mistress's good book today with a very short post.
Taken late Tuesday, and likely to remain very much the same all day Wednesday as I must do housework today before Margaret and I gallivant off to Event City in Manchester tomorrow, Thursday for a show. Will show goodies next week.
So my desk still has the the Big shot on it, the Christmas box in a bigger Christmas box and some Christmas cards, nearly finished.
I will try to do some visiting tomorrow afternoon or evening, depending on the cleaning, but otherwise I will get back to people on Friday.
Bless you for visiting and have a wonderful day.

Wednesday, 3 September 2014


Well today my worktop is significantly clearer than it was last week. We are going away for a long weekend and then a few days after we get back my sister is coming so I have had to do some of the clearing now and the rest before she arrives.

So all that is on my desk are two finished cards, a new home one and a new baby one, and they are both for the same couple, moved on Friday, baby born at 2.15 the next morning.
Otherwise my desk just shows the box full of Christmas card makings, the Bigshot and box of tools.
Oh I have just realised that there is a brooch on there that I made in a workshop last Thursday, all made from printed parchment, very simple but very effective.
That's me today folks, but I am certain that there are lots of more exciting desks out there, so I'm off to visit the Desk Mistress at The Stamping Ground to do some snooping. Are you coming too? There is a feast of crafty stuff to see there.
Thanks for dropping by and Happy Woyww