Wednesday, 28 May 2014

WOW, WOW, WOYWW 260!!!

Well Happy WOYWW 260 to everyone, especially the wonderful Madame Julia who hosts this wonderful event. She never fails to amaze us with her determination not to let us miss a week. Five years she has been our wonderful headmistress supervising this brilliant event. Thanks you so much Julia.
If you are reading this i have managed to get internet access to post, it remains to be seen if I get it consistently to visit as
we are boating in the lovely Northampton countryside, in the rain.

On Tuesday this was my worktop, (dining room table, which has to be cleared for every meal) as I sorted my ATC’s to put in envelopes for those I have already agreed to swap with and decided which ATC to put into which envelope. Mine are all different as I am not sufficiently happy with any one to make it a master to be repeated. I can do a few more swaps if anyone is still interested.  Don't wipe your glasses, the picture is blurred so that those who receive them will get to see them clearly before everyone else.
Well as we are showing our work space on Wednesday, today Foxton flight will be my workspace for at least 2 hours and maybe more as there may be many others wanting to go down the flight.

 Two staircase flights of 5 locks each and we are starting at the top and coming down. Picture was taken from the internet because by the time we get there it will be too late to post.

After that I will do my very best to visit as many other Woywwers as I can, internet permitting and if your leave a comment I will visit you, I promise, although it may not be until the weekend.
Bless you all and have a very Happy Woyww.


Wednesday, 21 May 2014


Well another Wednesday has come around and I have done absolutely no craft at all apart from fixing some ribbons on a bookmark for someone. I have some ATC's that need finishing off, and hope I will get time for that over the next couple of days. If I have agreed to swap with you, you may get yours rather sooner than next week because I have easy access to a post office for the next few days so may get them in the post before the weekend. I will still have a few if anyone is interested in swapping.

Rather a poor picture because I could only take it with my phone. I am still having problems with my camera, tranferring pictures to my laptop.

If we lived on this boat permanently I would have to get the technology sorted.

However there are some compensations, this was outside our 'living room' window yesterday. The Grand Union Canal, somewhere east of Warwick. There are lots of lovely views like this.
So why am I baring all to the internet?
Go to our host at the Stamping ground where the wonderful Julia will explain all.
I hope to be able to do more visiting tomorrow, but thanks you for visiting me and all your encouraging comments.
Bless you and Happy WOYWW.

Wednesday, 14 May 2014


Oh what a beautiful morning, at least I jolly well hope it is going to be a beautiful morning.  I have no work desk to show you this morning as we are on our way down the Shropshire Union canal on our narrow boat on our way to the boat show at Crick. I do have some craft stuff with me, I have some ATC's to finish but haven't had time to do any yet. Instead I have just taken some pictures of where we stopped on Tuesday evening and will be starting our day on Wednesday. Max is having a bit of a wander but he doesn't go very far. He likes to be able to hear our voices. We have had a couple of panics in the past when he disappeared for several hours, but he seems very disinclined to go for more than 10 or 15 minutes these days. I think he is getting old, like me.
For those who don't know about the canals in UK, this is one of the many locks that we have to travel throughto get to our destination at Crick, near Rugby for a Boat show over Whit bank holiday weekend. We have 132 of them to do before we get to Crick

Last week I promised to post a  picture of the finished stole, doesn't look much in this picture, she wanted one side of it to have brocade all the way up, and the other side just the ends. Actually taking a picture of it at all was quite an issue, Unfortunately I don't seem to have the full brocade picture on my phone or tablet,  it is on the camera, and this is not a very good picture either. I promise I will post a picture of her wearing it in June, with whatever vestments she wears for the ordination.

I will get round to visiting other desks but it might not be until the weekend, and any folks who don't have a clue what I am talking about, just pop over to The Lady Julia where you can snoop at loads of craft desks, not canal pics.
Thanks for reading my waffle, have a great day,

Wednesday, 7 May 2014


Good morning WOYWWers. Today I have two different desks to show you.
This first one is my sewing room/study and on there you can see some cream and gold brocade. My daughter Judith is being ordained in June and she needs a stole.(One of those strange things Anglican priest wear, along with all their other fancy vestments.As a Baptist minister her father didn't bother with all that paraphenalia) She spent a long time trying to work out what she wantedincluding looking at some beautifully embroidered ones, but they were very expensive, then I canvassed a couple of WOYWWers who do beautiful embroidery and one very kind lady said she would make one and what did my daughter want. Well at that point Jude was taking exams and buying and selling a house and simply couldn't get her head around thinking what to ask Jo to do for her.  So she bought a nice painted Fair Trade one.
Then she had a brainwave, her wedding dress was sitting in her attic and it would be rather fitting if I could use the brocade from that to make a stole for her to wear when she conducted weddings,so that is what is on my sewing machine.

Today Margaret and I are off gallivanting again, but this time it is only to Abakhan to buy some interfacing for the stole, so it will remain unfinished until tomorrow evening. And we won't be doing any visiting until this evening. (Whether I will come back with only interfacing is very doubtful, but that is what one has to tell the DB)

My landing worktop has some card makings and a few ATC's, partially hidden, so no one can see a complete one yet. I have completed a dozen and have at least another 6 which will be finished, so if you wish to swap with me, please let me know. So you can see stamping, die cutting, gems, a nice freebie embossing folder and all sorts of clutter on there.

If you have just arrived at this page and wonder what I am burbling about, please visit Madame Julia , the desk queen of WOYWW where all will be explained and you can snoop on over a hundred  really exciting desks, if you have the time.
Bless you for reading my ramblings