Wednesday, 14 January 2015


Hello lovely people and welcome to my first WOYWW of the year, If you don't know what I am on about, visit Her LadyshipJulia at The Stamping ground. 
Well I have had a mixed start to 2015, 
We have had problems with our electrical power circuit which keeps tripping and setting off the alarm, amongst other things, so the electrician was summoned and the decision was made that the alarm needed to be run straight from the fuse box and not on the power circuit. So where was the wiring that had to be altered? Running along the back of my craft cupboard, he would come back on Friday, so last Tuesday everything came out of the cupboard, leading to this chaos.
Of course while it was out a much needed sort out was in order. Piles of paper and other craft bits, that I know I won't use, will soon be on their way to the children's ward at  the local hospital

In addition of course I had unreliable power supply for my computer, so didn't dare try to do a post last week, because the poor thing has had its power supply withdrawn randomly at least twice a day for several weeks, and keeps suggesting that I turn it on in safe mode.
Anyway, in the middle of that chaos, I just had to create a 60th birthday card for brother in law and a 70th card for a friend, so a serious right shove cleared sufficient space to make these two cards.

My brother in law is so into Scalextrics cars that all he wanted for his 60th birthday was 'toy' cars, so we decided that he was never going to grow up, just continue to play with toys like a six year old for the rest of his life.

Now for a bit of not so good news. I did a lots of knitting for Christmas, if you look back to my  Christmas eve post you will the doll I knitted and this is the tea cosy I made for my niece and the result is that I have repetitive strain injury, or tendonitis and I am not supposed to be doing any knitting and limiting computer use to a bare minimum, so for a few weeks at least, I will probably not do a WOYWW each week, but may do a little bit of visiting each Wednesday. I will try to return visits to this post, but will otherwise save my arm for important things, like doing my bra up and brushing my hair and lifting a cup to my mouth.
So bless you all reading and Happy WOYWW and 2015