Wednesday, 16 January 2019


Well, my new year's resolution fell at the first hurdle! To post something every Wednesday,  ha ha. On January 1st, I thought I would clear the chaos that is usually my desk, put all the Christmas stuff away tidily so I could get on with cards for the new year. So somehow I just thought instead of putting away the scraps, as they were, I would cut them up for tags. A day and a half later, I had this pile of tags, 51 in total, but it was far too late to post.
So last Tuesday I had an MRI, doctor's appointment  and then an x-ray and building work, and another Wednesday missed. So I have started this post on Monday,  and it remains to be seen if I manage to get it finished and posted this Wednesday. 
Well very belatedly I am going to post this, it is only 19.45.
Will try to respond to any comments I get when I am so far down the list
bless you all