Wednesday, 5 June 2019


Well what a fab day we had at the crop in Shrewsbury last Saturday.  21 woywwers and 8 hubbies did a lot of crafty stuff at Radbrook community centre. Actually, I lie, there was a lot of talking,  lot of eating of cake, a lot of craft material swapped, lots of ATCs exchanged and a little bit of crafting.

So why were we there, well it is all down to this lovely lady in pink with her 'crown', the Queen of Snoop, Julia, who started it all 10 years ago. You can visit her blog at her stamping ground. There you will be able to snoop at lots more crafty desks.
The lady in blue is Annie, one of the two lovely deskers who organised Saturday's wonderful extravaganza, thank you Annie and Jo.
So I came home with lots of ATCs, and various other swappable beauties.

William Morris famously said  'have nothing in your home that you do not believe to be beautiful or useful', he forgot the yummy, and some of the swapped goodies were indeed edible, and yes, mine are still untouched in the Crafty tower with the ATCs.

Some people also took along craft materials, from their stash, that they felt were surplus to their requirements, so I had to be kind and relieve them of some of their excess!

And just to prove that some of the haul was indeed useful, I nearly missed showing you this nice book mark which started work the same day I received it, which is why it was not in the picture of the other treasures. Thank you Caro,

So, I hear you say, this is all about What's on your workdesk Wednesday, and I haven't shown you my desk. Well, you see, the disadvantage with having a detached 'studio' is that one has to access it, and Mr D has built new concrete steps right by the gate to the lawn, the other side of which is the crafty tower, so I can't get there until it has all dried, or the rain stops enough for me to go round the long and slippy way, and you have enough pictures to look at already methinks.
Thank you for wading through my drivel, and for any comments you make, I will endeavor to get back to you before next Wednesday
Bless you