Wednesday, 25 December 2019


So to the desk, and not a lot going on there.

The pieces for a decoration tha never got made, a pile of Christmas dies waiting to be put
 away, and a rather belated Christmas magazine  purchsed before he weekend. And on the right of the glass mat, the bithday list reminding me I have to make cards for 3 little great nieces by January 3rd.
Thanks for reading, now go and have a great Christmas everyone,  don't waste it commenting on my blog, but if you want to see some more Christmas desks, pop over to Julia's Stamping Ground to see some interesting Christmas desks.
Bless you for visiting

Wednesday, 23 October 2019


I was determined to post this week, so I'm sorry that this pic is from Monday, but what you can see is my haul from a craft show I went to on Sunday.  Margaret came over for the weekend and we went to Sincerely Yours show at Newark show ground.
I mainly bought card, but also a lovely couple of stamps, some gilding wax, blending tools and tapes. It was good to be able to see stuff before buying it, I don't like buying online, but it is either that or the limited choice available in The Range or the high prices of Hobby craft.
This is a later one, I was trying to show you some of the cards I have made, but Flottie was determined to get in on the action . Not a very good picture of him, but at least you get to see a card and a cat.

And a couple of collages of the Christmas cards I have been making.
If you are reading this and have no idea why I am sharing,  got to our wonderful host, the lovely Julia at her  Stamping Ground
where all will be revealed.
Thank you for visiting my desk,  I will try to respond to any comments you make.
Bless you

Wednesday, 18 September 2019


Hi lovely  people, well I am determined to post this week, I've been away for so long. So  often I  reached Tuesday evening and don't have a picture,  and as I have said before,  the down side of having a separate studio is that it is not so easy to nip to my desk to take a pic at midnight,although  however today I remember so I'll wade straight in with the desk.

Tuesday afternoon,  with 8 Christmas cards done yesterday and the blue box containing 80 more cards, all carefully posed so it looks good. Also at the back, a new holly die to make some more, and a plastic breaker with lemon squash in it.
Not awfully exciting,  if you want better stuff, visit our wonderful desk hostess, Julia at her stamping ground.
Thanks dropping in, and for any kind comment you chose to make, I will try to get back to you before next week's desk hop.
Bless you all

Wednesday, 7 August 2019

WOYWW  530
Well, I am going to try and communicate with you all this week, but have a technical problem in that I don't have a picture of my worktop .  One of the disadvantages of having a dedicated studio, separate from the house, is that taking a picture of the worktop, late at night, on Tuesday, which what I am sure most Deskers do, is that I can't just nip out, and take a picture ,  at least not dressed as I currently am,  with the A57 only 20 ft away.
So at least Julia will be happy, this will be very photo light. Instead, as we went to my sister and brother in law, last Friday,  for their Golden wedding anniversary party, I will show you the card I made for them.

We had an amazing weekend from Friday to Sunday, they have a huge garden, and the put out tables and chairs and marquees and we had too much food and too much drink, and a really good time.
Just one picture to give you a flavour of the event.

My sister and brother in law under the tree, my niece in red, three great nieces on the carpet, great nephew reading, and my hubby sitting on the left. This was in just one corner of the garden, out of the sun, for the "ceremony", which is another name for Lottie embarrassing her parents.
Well that's all from me, if you want to know why I am sharing,  visit the WOYWW queen at Her stamping ground
Thanks for reading my drivel

Wednesday, 5 June 2019


Well what a fab day we had at the crop in Shrewsbury last Saturday.  21 woywwers and 8 hubbies did a lot of crafty stuff at Radbrook community centre. Actually, I lie, there was a lot of talking,  lot of eating of cake, a lot of craft material swapped, lots of ATCs exchanged and a little bit of crafting.

So why were we there, well it is all down to this lovely lady in pink with her 'crown', the Queen of Snoop, Julia, who started it all 10 years ago. You can visit her blog at her stamping ground. There you will be able to snoop at lots more crafty desks.
The lady in blue is Annie, one of the two lovely deskers who organised Saturday's wonderful extravaganza, thank you Annie and Jo.
So I came home with lots of ATCs, and various other swappable beauties.

William Morris famously said  'have nothing in your home that you do not believe to be beautiful or useful', he forgot the yummy, and some of the swapped goodies were indeed edible, and yes, mine are still untouched in the Crafty tower with the ATCs.

Some people also took along craft materials, from their stash, that they felt were surplus to their requirements, so I had to be kind and relieve them of some of their excess!

And just to prove that some of the haul was indeed useful, I nearly missed showing you this nice book mark which started work the same day I received it, which is why it was not in the picture of the other treasures. Thank you Caro,

So, I hear you say, this is all about What's on your workdesk Wednesday, and I haven't shown you my desk. Well, you see, the disadvantage with having a detached 'studio' is that one has to access it, and Mr D has built new concrete steps right by the gate to the lawn, the other side of which is the crafty tower, so I can't get there until it has all dried, or the rain stops enough for me to go round the long and slippy way, and you have enough pictures to look at already methinks.
Thank you for wading through my drivel, and for any comments you make, I will endeavor to get back to you before next Wednesday
Bless you

Wednesday, 22 May 2019


Morning,  or afternoon all, nearly missed out on the celebration day for 10 years
First of all  a picture of the desk.

What you see there is some preparatory work for the crop at the front, and further  back some one who was enjoying the warmth and the company. This picture was actually taken a week ago, since when I have been in hospital having a complete shoulder replacement,  to try to repair the damage I did when I fell in August 2017. Recovery has not been uneventful , still have left arm immobilized,  quite a lot of pain, on and off, and the pain relief is causing it's own problems.
I am still hoping to get to the crop,  but probably won't make the decision whether to travel to Margaret's until Friday morning.
Thanks for visiting my desk,  I wil attempt to acknowledge any comments , but don't think I will manage anything deeply intellectual,
Bless you

Wednesday, 17 April 2019


Hi there Woywwers, once again I will attempt to share my desk with you, and the big news is that it has moved. Moved from bedroom 3 in the house to ....... The Studio!!!
One floor for sewing

And one floor for papercraft.

And as this is about what is on our desk, I'd better tell you a bit about the stuff on my desk. On the right is my trusty Gemini, at the back on the window sill are all the many scissors, glues, pens, brushes, rulers and general clutter without which I couldn't possibly manage to make even one card. And on the glass mat are three cards which haven't come out at all well.
As you can see, although I have a studio, I have far less space than I had on the landling at the previous house so I have had to work hard at being organised and tidy, not something that comes naturally to me.
So, having bared my soul as far as my desk is concerned,  if you have found my post by chance, I'd better direct you to desk queen Julia at her Stamping ground, where you will see links to lots more interesting crafty desks.
Well, that's all for me now, thanks for reading and for any comments

Wednesday, 6 February 2019


Another week goes by and another attempt to join the blogging, so a short post, with what was on my desk when I went to bed Tuesday night and therefore will still be there when I publish this on Wednesday morning, however the card on the left will be finished and in the mail as early as I can make it.  For a family whose 21 year old died Tuesday morning, 21 but still mentally 4 or 5, with a syndrome which gave him a fragile heart and kidneys. After 7 days on machines to keep him alive, with so many people around the world praying for him, his heart simply gave up. RIP James.
The other two cards are just to put in the box for when I need them.
So short post, thanks for dropping by and bless you

Wednesday, 16 January 2019


Well, my new year's resolution fell at the first hurdle! To post something every Wednesday,  ha ha. On January 1st, I thought I would clear the chaos that is usually my desk, put all the Christmas stuff away tidily so I could get on with cards for the new year. So somehow I just thought instead of putting away the scraps, as they were, I would cut them up for tags. A day and a half later, I had this pile of tags, 51 in total, but it was far too late to post.
So last Tuesday I had an MRI, doctor's appointment  and then an x-ray and building work, and another Wednesday missed. So I have started this post on Monday,  and it remains to be seen if I manage to get it finished and posted this Wednesday. 
Well very belatedly I am going to post this, it is only 19.45.
Will try to respond to any comments I get when I am so far down the list
bless you all