Wednesday, 17 April 2019


Hi there Woywwers, once again I will attempt to share my desk with you, and the big news is that it has moved. Moved from bedroom 3 in the house to ....... The Studio!!!
One floor for sewing

And one floor for papercraft.

And as this is about what is on our desk, I'd better tell you a bit about the stuff on my desk. On the right is my trusty Gemini, at the back on the window sill are all the many scissors, glues, pens, brushes, rulers and general clutter without which I couldn't possibly manage to make even one card. And on the glass mat are three cards which haven't come out at all well.
As you can see, although I have a studio, I have far less space than I had on the landling at the previous house so I have had to work hard at being organised and tidy, not something that comes naturally to me.
So, having bared my soul as far as my desk is concerned,  if you have found my post by chance, I'd better direct you to desk queen Julia at her Stamping ground, where you will see links to lots more interesting crafty desks.
Well, that's all for me now, thanks for reading and for any comments

Wednesday, 6 February 2019


Another week goes by and another attempt to join the blogging, so a short post, with what was on my desk when I went to bed Tuesday night and therefore will still be there when I publish this on Wednesday morning, however the card on the left will be finished and in the mail as early as I can make it.  For a family whose 21 year old died Tuesday morning, 21 but still mentally 4 or 5, with a syndrome which gave him a fragile heart and kidneys. After 7 days on machines to keep him alive, with so many people around the world praying for him, his heart simply gave up. RIP James.
The other two cards are just to put in the box for when I need them.
So short post, thanks for dropping by and bless you

Wednesday, 16 January 2019


Well, my new year's resolution fell at the first hurdle! To post something every Wednesday,  ha ha. On January 1st, I thought I would clear the chaos that is usually my desk, put all the Christmas stuff away tidily so I could get on with cards for the new year. So somehow I just thought instead of putting away the scraps, as they were, I would cut them up for tags. A day and a half later, I had this pile of tags, 51 in total, but it was far too late to post.
So last Tuesday I had an MRI, doctor's appointment  and then an x-ray and building work, and another Wednesday missed. So I have started this post on Monday,  and it remains to be seen if I manage to get it finished and posted this Wednesday. 
Well very belatedly I am going to post this, it is only 19.45.
Will try to respond to any comments I get when I am so far down the list
bless you all