Wednesday, 17 April 2019


Hi there Woywwers, once again I will attempt to share my desk with you, and the big news is that it has moved. Moved from bedroom 3 in the house to ....... The Studio!!!
One floor for sewing

And one floor for papercraft.

And as this is about what is on our desk, I'd better tell you a bit about the stuff on my desk. On the right is my trusty Gemini, at the back on the window sill are all the many scissors, glues, pens, brushes, rulers and general clutter without which I couldn't possibly manage to make even one card. And on the glass mat are three cards which haven't come out at all well.
As you can see, although I have a studio, I have far less space than I had on the landling at the previous house so I have had to work hard at being organised and tidy, not something that comes naturally to me.
So, having bared my soul as far as my desk is concerned,  if you have found my post by chance, I'd better direct you to desk queen Julia at her Stamping ground, where you will see links to lots more interesting crafty desks.
Well, that's all for me now, thanks for reading and for any comments


Lunch Lady Jan said...

I think you win the prize for the most unusual craftroom Chris!! How fantastic a space is that? Glad you're settling in so well to the new place :-)
Hugs LLJ 4 xxx

Christine said...

and I bet you can't find anything when you need it!!!
that is such a perfect place, not that I'm jealous.... maybe a bit green eyed!
Enjoy every inch of it.
Have a blessed Easter
Christine #20

Neet said...

Well Chris, that is a Studio and a half. What a wonderful place to go and do your crafting. I love the idea of two separate places for your different crafts. You deserve somewhere like that as your haven after all the waiting to find the perfect place. Good luck with it all.
Blessings, Neet 11 xx

glitterandglue said...

Hi Chris. Wahoo!!!!! You made it today - from the barge tower!!! Love its new name. Can hardly wait until this time next week and I will actually get to see it! I will be looking out as I come down the lane - and probably heading into the biggest potholes imaginable as I concentrate on the wrong things whilst towing!!! I rather like those cards...
Take care. God bless.
Margaret #3

Shoshi said...

Oh wow Chris, that's just great! What a fascinating building. What was it in it's first life? If I was divided between 2 rooms, I know I'd always be wanting something that was in the other room lol! You must be very organised.

Happy WOYWW,
Shoshi #16

Glenda said...

Oh look, a new craft space! Good for you and I think you will love it there! Happy WOYWW! Glenda #22

Sarah Brennan said...

What a fabulous multi storey craft room Chris. Definitely more unusual than a shed! Happy WOYWW and look forward to seeing you and Adrian at the crop. Sarah #2

Caro said...

What a wonderful new craft space! It will take time to remember where everything is - I just redecorated our room and my crafting corner (the rest is Tim's computer stuff!) is nicely organised and I cant find anything! I look forward to meeting you in person at the crop. Thanks for sharing and Happy Easter. Have a great week, with love & God Bless, Caro x (#15)

Helen said...

well I think you are just showing off now, one whole floor for sewing and one for papercraft... what a great Studio you have! Happy WOYWW Helen #1

Anne said...

Hi Chris your Studio is quite amazing. Lucky you. Anne x 18

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Great to see you Chris, guessing you've been busy. I knew you'd moved in the new studio because I could see all your stuff up there when we drove past. It's looking good. Have a lovely creative woyww and a happy Easter too. Angela x17x

Tracey@Hotchpotchcreations said...

How amazing is this Chris, you have your own CCT now *Chris's Creative Towers* My kind of house for one.. have fun playing in it.. Happy woywW Hugs Tracey #6

Julia Dunnit said...

Oh my life how exciting. And look at those great big windows! bliss! I bet you couldn’t believe your luck at the possibilities when you saw this on the property! Your desk looks fabulously well organised, the cards are lovely.

Dorlene Durham said...

Very cool studio. I look forward to seeing more photos. Dorlene #33

Shoshi said...

Hi Chris, thanks for your visit. You are absolutely right - Blogger is much more trouble than it's worth! I never thought I'd abandon it but enough is enough. Hopefully things will eventually become plain sailing once I've ironed out all the various problems. So glad you like my felt flowers! I'm looking forward to getting them onto the slippers.

Happy WOYWW,
Shoshi #19 this week