Wednesday, 30 September 2015


Well I'm back in circulation for a little while so I'll join you in the fun at Julias for a couple of weeks. My desk, as usual, looks a bit of a mess, so I will just show you the two bits I am working on.
On the right is a card for my grandson who is wild about puffins,  a new challenge each year to do something different,  and the one on the left was just a play. I bought a new die from the dreaded C & C so when it arrived I tried it on the first piece of paper that came to hand and then thought,  that would look good on cream so a card was created!
While we've been away I made a few cards, playing with fiddly bits and produced two twisted easel cards. This one was for a couple who celebrated their 60th birthdays very close together so I sent them two cards in one.
 Then having got a taste for twisted easels, I made this one for Margaret's birthday

And just to finish I'll share a very atmospheric picture of a September morning on the Bridgewater Canal.
 This was taken at 6.30 one morning when I couldn't sleep, so I crept out with the camera and got some lovely pics, but oooh it was awfully cold!.

Well thanks you for visiting me, you lovely people and I will return your visits before the weekend.
Bless you all