Wednesday, 22 May 2019


Morning,  or afternoon all, nearly missed out on the celebration day for 10 years
First of all  a picture of the desk.

What you see there is some preparatory work for the crop at the front, and further  back some one who was enjoying the warmth and the company. This picture was actually taken a week ago, since when I have been in hospital having a complete shoulder replacement,  to try to repair the damage I did when I fell in August 2017. Recovery has not been uneventful , still have left arm immobilized,  quite a lot of pain, on and off, and the pain relief is causing it's own problems.
I am still hoping to get to the crop,  but probably won't make the decision whether to travel to Margaret's until Friday morning.
Thanks for visiting my desk,  I wil attempt to acknowledge any comments , but don't think I will manage anything deeply intellectual,
Bless you