Saturday, 3 August 2013

U F O's

Well on Wednesday my worktop was full of part done things or as Eliza put it UnFinished Objects, so over the past couple of days I have been a good girl and worked on them and now, on the hall carpet because the colours look better there, you see the results of my diligence.
Eight finished cards, some of which had been around for a long time, especially the green one with the bow and the one with the owls.Actually that is not quite true as the one on the top left still needs the gems stuck on but it was gettig dark and I can never get good pictures with the flash on. Mirri card reflect it back like red eye.
I'm very pleased with myself as the green one with the bow and the one with the owl have been hanging around for at least 6 months.
As well as finishing all these I made a card for some friends who had a baby boy last week, not the same day as Prince George, but baby Jonah is far more important to us. I am pleased with that as well.

We have had another glorious day here in North Wales so I have been out in the garden doing some tidying up, cutting back and even planted up a sink that has been hanging around for ages. I hadn't been very sure what to put in it, but was in teh garden centre this morning and took the plunge and bought some alpines for it. When they have settled I'll try to remember to post a picture.
Well it is nealy bedtime and I am yawning and have a book to finish tonight.                                     

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