Wednesday, 21 August 2013


Well we've been away for a few days in South Yorkshire camping in motorhome with daughter, son in law and grandsons.  So no worktop but a camping table and a very small amount of craft stuff.

But I have some lovely pics of Yorkshire. A view from Crich tram way museum, a very good place to visit with grandsons.
 butterfly from the woodland walk.
I'm not certain this is going to make it on WOYWW as I am writing it on my Samsung tablet and previous attempts to upload to Stamping ground have been a singular failure.  If anyone out there can tell me how to do it, I will be very grateful. It arrives on WOYWW before 10 pm I have achieved it, with son in law's able assistance.


Mrs.D said...

Sorry Julia, I have made a real mess of uploading to your party. Three attempts before I got it right. But did it without enlisting help of son in law.
Will try harder next week.

Francesca said...

We crafters really don't need a big space to play in, I always end up in about a 4 inch square on my desk. Your pictures look lovely of Yorkshire. Francesca #68

glitterandglue said...

Crich tramway museum is great fun! Went there when at college in Matlock. Made it at the third attempt - obviously you are doing a Bruce and the spider thingy!!!
See you when you get back - travel safely.
Margaret #55

Mrs.D said...

Francesca, thanks for visiting. Wil visit your blog when we get home. Having serious issues using tablet for commenting. Chris

Karen said...

Aaahhhhh Yorkshire, I just love it there!!!! Your attempts have worked and WOYWW posting has arrived. Glad you managed to fit in some crafting too! Happy WOYWW. ♥ Karen ♥ 98 x

john-w said...

Hi Chris! Well done for persevering! Love the autumn leaves on your website. Glad you are having a good time with the family. See you when you get back,
love and blessings,
John-W #97

House of Bears said...

We always wanted a motorhome! Crich is a lovely place to visit, we went last year.

The House of Bears @#99

Helen said...

Well done! I tried the link earlier and didn't land on your desk! Small but beautifully formed. Love those golden yellow papers. Have a lovely holiday. Happy WOYWW from Helen 71 x

Heather Alger said...

Beautiful crafting and photos - Its fab that you could upload from your tablet too x Have a Great week Heather #99

Neet said...

I am well impressed with your crafting table this morning,
We went to the tramway museum a couple of years ago - hope you are enjoying it as much as we did.
Thanks for your earlier visit.
Hugs, Neet xx

Winnie said...

I am amazed you got card making in during your camping trip! My late hubby and I tent camped for many years, and I did read, but never thought to bring my supplies! Your pics are so beautfiul there! Amazing you can even download now away with tablets or iPhones etc. Not when I went. Sigh, wish I was there too! Enjoy the week! Winnie#89

Nan G said...

Nicely done you've made it! Lovely card. How so you have time to make it while on vaca? Beautiful butterfly pic. Happy WOYWW! Nan G #1

betsy (pharmgirl) said...

That butterfly doesn't even look real!

Carole said...

Pretty pictures, lovely card Enjoy your holiday:) Snoop on! Carole #111

Ria Gall said...

It sounds like you are all having a great time away and the photos are lovely. Enjoy as much as you can as it will be home time before you know it
Have a really great WOYWW and enjoy the rest of your week
Hugs Ria #85

Regina Hamilton said...

I like that "Thank you" card, and those nature pics.

Mrs.D said...

Home again. will talk tomorrow.

Mrs.D said...

Thanks for visiting. Usually manage a hour of free time, hubby was reading a book and son in law and grandsons off somewhere so daughter and I stole an hour to play! Home now,

Mrs.D said...

Thanks for visiting. we bought our motorhome because hubby went to Papworth for very major surgery, told to expect 14 to 40 days in hospital and thought that I would not want to be in B&B for that long. As it happened he was out in 13 but we have had good use of motorhome both before and after hospital, so very pleased we bought it.
Vrey good investment.

Mrs.D said...

Thanks for visiting Helen. Yes the yellow paper is really nice, in a small packet my daughter bought in Holland earlier this year.
Chris xx

Mrs.D said...

Thanks for visiting Heather, and yes I am very pleased I managed to upload from tablet. Put all Julia's numbers out but will try harder next week.
We were only away for three days unfortunately, home now, things to do.
Chris xx

Mrs.D said...

Thanks for visiting, we loved the tramway museum.
However we are now back home,
Chris xx

Mrs.D said...

Thanks for visiting Winnie, I didn't actually take any supplies as we were only away for three days, but my daughter did, so borrowed hers.
Unfortunately we are home again, things to do, dentists etc.
Chris xx

Mrs.D said...

Thanks John, I love the autmn leaves too, they are my colours. Thanks we had a lovely time with family but are home now.
Chris xx

Kelly said...

Looks like everything is working fine! Thanks for sharing your lovely pictures. Travel safe and enjoy loving on those grandboys! Creative Blessings! ~Kelly #131

Sarah Leonard said...

Yay! Not just me then who creates whilst on holiday whenever they can! You got me on the honeymoon thing I guess. It wasn't a full on honeymoon as we were staying with family for most of it. We did have 5 days away to ourselves in Kerry in Ireland though. MHI (My Handsome Irishman) is very supportive of me needing a few minutes per day in blogland - thank goodness!

Thanks for stopping by and liking my owl/butterfly! Funnily enough it gave me an idea for an owl design as I was doing it too!

Sarah @ A Cat-Like Curiosity

BJ said...

Well you DID make it and you came to visit me too, many thanks. So many lovely butterflies around this year BJ#132

Darnell J Knauss said...

Pretty card, Chris, and even prettier scenic views of your trip to Yorkshire! It sounds like a wonderful time with your family!! Happy Belated WOYWW! Thank you for your visit to me! Enjoy the rest of your week! Darnell #16

LuLu said...

Lovely pix!

What is the maker and name of your motorhome? Hubby and I are researching motorhomes.

Would love for you to stop by my blog for WOYWW when you have a moment or 2!